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Message from the editor: Don’t miss your chance

At the start of every year, a lot of people are making resolutions. But before the Student Recreation Center starts filling up, take a minute to remember why you are in college.

The reason’s not alcohol. Sure, this is probably the last time that drinking before noon will be acceptable. But partying isn’t the reason for attending college. It’s the reason for the weekend (including Thursday night for most).

This is the one time that you get to take an hour out of your day to learn about something new. General education classes aren’t “”fluff,”” they’re probably the last chance you have to learn about psychology, anthropology, geography, geology and everything else available. How many adults get to sit around discussing what wind is?

For some, this isn’t just your last chance for moments like these, it’s your first chance. Cherish it.

Now is the time to find out more about the world outside of you. The Daily Wildcat is your chance.

You aren’t here to get a good job. That’s shocking, I’m sure, for some. That’s why you graduate, but that’s not why you’re on campus today. You’re here because knowledge is power. Books, classes, papers, they’re all ways to learn. We’re at a peak in civilization not because we’re smarter than 500 years ago, but because knowledge grows through communication and we have the option to go online or pick up a free newspaper. With the newspaper you don’t just get to read, you get a voice. If we get something wrong, tell us. If you don’t agree with an idea presented, challenge it. Your ideas, letters and opinions don’t fall on deaf ears; you only have to speak up.

If you hold your head down, drink your way through class and complain, you’ve just wasted your time, money and skills.

Inside the Daily Wildcat, you’ll find information relating to all the areas of campus and college living — for free. It’s not The New York Times. It’s around 12 pages of important and relatable information, so consider it a stepping stone to the morning coffee and paper you can enjoy as a grown-up.

By paying attention to what’s going on, you’ll be successful. By learning to speak up and challenge ideas, you’ll be successful. Reading the Daily Wildcat is your first step to success.

This is why you’re here.

— Michelle A. Monroe is the editor in chief of the Daily Wildcat. She can be reached at

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