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Police Beat: November 6

Punching the preacher

An unknown man assaulted a UA student when the student was preaching near Likins residence hall on Friday at 7:58 p.m. A University of Arizona Police Department officer was called to the dorm, where a fight was about to break out.

When the officer arrived, he found a student near the dorm’s entrance holding his mouth.
An officer spoke to the student and found that he had been standing outside the dorm preaching from a loud speaker to students passing by. As he was preaching to a gathering crowd of people, a man came up and told the student to leave.

When the student refused, the man punched him in the mouth. When an officer arrived on scene, the man turned and ran away. The officer did not see the man run and could not go after him.

As the student spoke, the officer could not see any physical marks on the student. However, the student asked to pursue judicial proceedings if and when the man was found.

The officer gave the student a Victim’s Rights Form and advised the student to call police if he ever saw the man again. The student was also advised not to use a loud speaker to preach without permission from the Dean of Student’s office.

The student agreed, picked up his speaker and walked to the corner of 6th and Highland where he began preaching again.

Family first

UAPD officers arrested a UA student for minor in bodily possession of alcohol in the Coronado residence hall on Friday at 2:30 a.m.

Earlier that evening, a student called The Tucson Fire Department to report his brother, who was extremely drunk and in need of medical attention. UAPD officers arrived to the dorm at the same time as TFD and University of Arizona Emergency Medical Services.

The emergency service officials were taken to the fifth floor where they found the drunken student. He smelled strongly of alcohol with red, watery eyes.

He began to speak, but it was difficult to understand what he was saying because of his slurred speech. While trying to speak, he said that he only had a small amount of alcohol to drink that night at a location he didn’t know.

As TFD and UAEMS officials evaluated the drunken student, his brother spoke to UAPD officers, offering to take care of his brother for the night so he wouldn’t have to go to the hospital.

TFD determined that the student would be able to stay in his room as long as his brother was taking care of him.

The student was cited and released at the scene. A code of conduct form was also submitted on his behalf to the Dean of Student’s office.

As always, it’s over a girl

A UA student was diverted to the Dean of Student’s office for minor in bodily possession of alcohol on Friday at 3:09 a.m. at Graham-Greenlee residence hall.

UAPD officers received a call from the on-duty Resident Assistant about a possible fight outside of Graham-Greenlee between two students.

As officers pulled up to the scene, they saw two students in a verbal fight. As the verbal fight went on, one student was holding back one of the two students in the fight. There was a group of approximately seven people watching the fighters.

Officers flashed their emergency lights and parked and all students and onlookers ran into the dorm. Officers spoke to the on-duty RA about who the two fighters were and she said she could find out who the students were.

As officers and the RA entered the hall lobby, they saw a man sitting in a chair. The man identified himself as the student who was holding back one of the other students in the fight.

One officer stayed to talk to the student while the other officer walked with the RA to go door to door in the hall to find the others involved in the fight.

As they were walking down a hall, they heard a man sobbing in the bathroom. The officer walked in and found on of the two fighters crying.

When the officer was able to calm the student down, he took him down to the lobby to question him.

The student said that he had gotten into the fight because of “girl problems.” He said that he wasn’t hurt nor did he want to pursue any criminal charges against the other student.

As he spoke, the officer smelled alcohol on his breath. The student admitted to be drinking at a party held at The Seasons earlier that evening, but that he just wanted the night to be over with.

The student was cited and released at the scene. He was taken up to his room where he was left in the care of his sober roommate.

No further legal action was taken.

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