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    “On the spot: Derek Lawson, business sophomore”

    Something big happened five years ago that has to do with basketball, do you know what it was?

    Five years ago?

    Ron Artest went crazy in Detroit. Do you remember that?

    Oh, yes I do.

    What were your thoughts on all that?

    It was awesome.

    Awesome? I don’t know if I would say it was awesome but why do you say that?

    Uh, it was just something that you’ve never seen before. Ron Artest going into the stands, Jermaine O’Neal knocking out a fan on courtside, it was crazy.

    What did you like more with that whole deal, Jermaine O’Neal socking that dude or Artest going after a guy who didn’t even throw the cup of beer at him?

    Uh, Jermaine O’Neal socking the guy. If he wouldn’t have slipped he would have knocked him out for sure, but.

    So five years after, what do you think has changed in the NBA as a result?

    Stricter penalties and stuff like that and Ron Artest isn’t as crazy. He’s still mentally a little, I don’t know, but I guess just tougher rules I’d have to say.

    Did you hear that Ron Artest said he was once in a pick-up game where a guy got stabbed with the leg of a table?

    (Laughs) Nah, I haven’t heard of that but I believe it.

    Yeah, he’s a pretty crazy dude. Do you think they should get him out of the NBA?

    No, he keeps it interesting. I mean, I don’t know. Without him we wouldn’t anything to talk about right now.

    Yeah. Maybe should they bring in some of Ron Artest’s relatives in after he’s gone so we’ll always have something crazy happening?

    (Laughs) Let’s bring in something, I’m sure he’s got some friends. I heard he raps too, so.

    Have you heard any of his rapping?

    I haven’t heard it but I’m sure he’s pretty bad.

    I would imagine so. Do you have any advice to give Mr. Artest on how to not go so crazy?

    Um, woosa. Anger management.

    — Brian Kimball

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