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Good and greasy grub at local grinds

Sally Lugo

Frank’s and Francisco’s Restaurant, on the corner of Pima Street and Alvernon Way, is known around Tucson for its huevos rancheros.

Whoever said that quality doesn’t come cheap had clearly never been to Tucson. With dishes that come in under $5, these local eateries give students and locals a run for their money. These small diners feature the finest in greasy food, dishing out food that is cheap, satisfying and simply good.

Frank’s and Francisco’s Restaurant

“There is no love more sincere than the love of food,” reads Frank’s and Francisco’s Restaurant website. Located on Pima Street and Alvernon Way, Frank’s certainly lives up to its tagline.

The small, busy breakfast spot sets itself apart by featuring excellent service alongside classic Mexican breakfast options like huevos rancheros and a diverse menu which includes dishes like Sonoran Hot Dog with eggs scramble. Waiters and waitresses are always friendly, and a cup of coffee is constantly refilled for you. Being a local joint, most patrons are regulars that know the servers and cooks by name.

Frank’s serves up good-sized portions at dirt-cheap prices. The weekday special features two eggs, hash browns and toast for only $1.75 before 9 a.m. A favorite of many is the French toast, which is dipped and fried on the spot. Although a little further off campus, Frank’s always has a busy crowd of college students and locals. While its busiest hours are in the morning, quality Mexican food is also served later in the day.

“Our food is unique,” said Michelle Zambrano, a waitress at Frank’s. “The food is not bland — we have flavor. We also have good specials as well.”

Some popular lunch items are enchiladas or chicken with pork chops, Zambrano said. Frank’s atmosphere contributes as much to the experience as the food does.

“Don’t worry, be happy” signs are posted around the restaurant, and with fresh coffee and a thick stack of pancakes, it is difficult not to follow their mantra.

Good company and great food characterize this local gem.

Bobo’s Restaurant

Driving along Grant Road on Sunday mornings, the line for Bobo’s extends out the door. The popular breakfast joint serves everything from breakfast to lunch, but its most popular items are easily the classic breakfast pancakes. The restaurant is a favorite amongst Tucsonans and students.

Bobo’s signature dish features giant plates with thick, rectangular pancakes spilling over the sides. For about $4, patrons can get classic pancakes including chocolate chip, banana, apple and blueberry along with the works: a side of eggs or hash browns.

“Their pancakes are the best, and they’re larger than your face,” said McKenzie Davis, a physiology junior.

Roey Chasman, a UA alumnus, said one of his personal favorites is the cinnamon-apple pancake: a sweet amalgamation of caramelized sugar and reduced fresh apples all packed into a thick, buttermilk pancake that is served hanging over the side of an already-large plate.

“The cinnamon-apple pancakes are golden, crispy and delicious,” Chasman said.

Students say they go to Bobo’s for its convenience and even for its rejuvenating properties. Jackie Crone, an English sophomore, said that she goes to the restaurant because “it’s cheap, fast and good.” Other students see Bobo’s as a cure for a long night out.

“Bobo’s always serves as a great hangover cure,” said Jordan Sandler, a senior studying science, technology and arts. “The food is huge, greasy and sops up all the liquid courage. The waitresses are always so nice, so I enjoy going back whenever needed. I don’t go as often as I would like, but I guess that means I’m not needing a hangover cure as often.”

The Taco Shop Company

Serving up Mexican food that can only be described as surprisingly good, Taco Shop’s meals, though far from fine dining, are served up as quick and quality food. Its busiest hour is at 2 a.m. after patrons come back from a long night of studying or partying.

The 24-7 restaurant has patrons come in for lunch and dinner as well.

Ronnie “Regcat” Pesqueira said Taco Shop is the “best Mexican restaurant in town.” While some like Pesqueira go for the quality food, many are attracted to the convenience of late hours.

Maddie Starnes, an economics senior, said that Taco Shop serves up the “perfect drunchie [drunk munchies] food.”

Sandler agrees.

“Taco Shop makes a name for itself as munchies and drunk food,” Sandler said.

However, he appreciates the quality of their food and drinks as well.

“If you’ve had their chicken burrito, it’s pretty damn good regardless of your mindset,” Sandler said. “They [also] have authentic Mexican drinks that you can’t find anywhere else on campus.”

Rodney Miller, a local patron, said he enjoys the quality and diversity of the food as well.

“It’s really good,” Miller said. “This place, they have three or four different pork items all cooked differently. It’s different than a lot of other fast food Mexican places. Also, it’s close to work.”

If you are looking for a quick bite after a long night of partying, Taco Shop serves up fast and greasy food to your heart’s desire at low prices.


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