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    This letter is in reaction to the print version of the article entitled “UA a Model for Pro-Israel Efforts” [by Yara Askar] (The Daily Wildcat, November 6). While we appreciate the attention, we wish to make it clear that we at the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies do not view our role as that of advocates or enemies of the State of Israel. Hence the term “pro-Israel” in the article is inappropriate.

    We work in a larger academic and social environment in which opinions of Israel and of its detractors are often passionately held. Perfect neutrality is elusive in any event. Every scholar has his or her political preferences and opinions. But we at least aspire to keep ours out of our scholarship and our teaching as much as possible. Our job, as we see it, is to explore and inform people about the history and culture of the Jews (including pre-modern and modern Israel, as well as anti-Jewish sentiment and behaviors) — what they were and are, how they have worked and work, and what difference that makes.

    We do not seek to make anyone “pro-“ or “anti-” anything or anybody. UofA students are cordially invited to enroll in our courses and see for themselves.

    The core Judaic Studies faculty:
    Prof. J. Edward Wright, Prof. Beth Alpert Nakhai,
    Ms. Anat Maimon, Prof. David Graizbord


    In response to “Editorial: Elections are over — loyal opposition must step up” (by the Daily Wildcat editorial board, Nov. 7):

    If I was a betting man, I’d put good money down that the Daily Wildcat said nothing of the sort when Democrats screamed about leaving for Canada after the 2000 and 2004 elections. Your bias is showing, as usual.

    It’s kind of hard to hold the President accountable when my generation is a bunch of ignorant fools who’ve decided to vote for President Obama again despite the fact that his policies have made this country’s economic woes worse. I want to hold him accountable. It’s not my fault that I’m outnumbered by the fools who follow him blindly. God bless term limits. Four more years and we’ll be rid of him for good.

    Really, you people should be ashamed of yourself. Who looks at the massive deficits, massive debts, massive government spending, dead Mexican citizens (Operation Fast and Furious) and dead American citizens (Benghazi — and let’s not forget that he just signed an agreement to keep our troops in Afghanistan past 2014) and says “Yeah, let’s do that for four more years!” That is absolutely pathetic. Shame on you.

    — Kevin Wos

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