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    Police Beat: Nov. 17

    Don’t get lost with drugs

    At 11:50 a.m. on Thursday, a University of Arizona Police Department officer pulled over a black Yukon after it made a left turn from the right lane on Campbell Avenue. The car stopped at a bus stop and the officer went to talk to the driver. When he did, the man stated that he was from the University of Southern California and was lost.

    As the officer spoke with the driver, he could smell a mild odor of marijuana coming from his mouth. Another field training officer came and had the other passengers exit the vehicle, noticing a small bag of marijuana in the car. A total of five people got out and sat on a bench inside the bus stop as the officers conducted a search of the vehicle. They found a wallet that held a Texas driver’s license with one student’s last name and date of birth of April 4, 1988. The officer provided this information to UAPD dispatch, but no record was found. He asked the man, “”What’s your date of birth?”” to which he replied, “”April 3, 1990.”” The man then saw the wallet and license in the officer’s hand and said, “”My California license is in the other side.”” The officer then found the man’s California driver’s license with a date of birth of April 3, 1990. He took the fictitious Texas license as evidence.

    The second officer gave the officer the plastic bag containing suspected marijuana as well as a suspected marijuana cigarette he had found. The driver indicated that the marijuana belonged to one of the passengers. The passenger told the officer he had purchased $20 of marijuana in California and brought it to Tucson.

    The officer arrested this man as well as the man with the fake driver’s license and gave them copies of their citations. He then returned to UAPD and field-tested the suspected marijuana. It returned positive, and the items were entered into UAPD evidence.

    Woman threatened by boyfriend

    An officer responded to the Santa Cruz Residence Hall on Friday after a woman called saying that her roommate was being threatened. On arrival, the officer talked to one of the woman’s roommates outside the residence hall.

    She explained that her roommate’s boyfriend made comments that he was going to hit her with his fist. The man had a history of hurting his friends and family. The roommate also explained that the man told everyone that his last name is different than his real one, that he is a police officer from Phoenix and that he is 22 years old, when he is 20.

    When the officer talked to the woman, she said that she started dating him about two months ago. He also lied to her about his age, last name and occupation. She said he had never hurt her, however, he threatened to hit her earlier that day. The man said he was going to get all of her friends together and shoot them. Then he was going to do the same thing to her and to her family. The woman said that he usually carries a firearm on him in a holster behind his back.

    She said that during the past few weeks they argued, but she was too scared to break up with him. The woman also added that the man had become very angry one time when she tried to break it off and that he made threats against her and her family. He also took her cell phone from her once because he thought she was texting other men.

    The woman became very frightened and told her friends what was going on using a different cell phone to text them, since she still did not have hers back. It was at this time that her roommate decided to report it to UAPD. The man had not given the woman her own cell phone back and they were still arguing as they left the dorm room and ran into the officers.

    The man explained to the officers that he said he was 22 because he wanted to be older. He claimed to have never told anyone he was a Phoenix officer and had not threatened anyone. He admitted to having some trouble in his relationship with the woman, but he said that he was the one trying to break it off with her.

    He said he was cheated on and didn’t like it when she would text other guys. He took her cell phone to look through it and had only taken it because he usually always held it for her. The officer asked the man to give it back and searched his vehicle after receiving permission. No weapons were found.

    The woman said she did not want to press charges at this time. The officer explained how she could get a restraining order. He then told the man that he is no longer to have contact with her in any way, shape or form. The woman was not to contact him either.

    Found keys

    A UA custodial employee found a set of keys in the front lobby of UAPD on Friday at 5:11 p.m. One of the keys had a blue plastic top and the other had a black one. They were found by the lobby phone and logged into property and evidence for safekeeping.

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