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    “Dorm policy discriminates against minorities, student says”

    Tuesday, December 4, 1984

    A University of Arizona student has charged that the policy by which dormitory officials are selected discriminates against authorities.

    Cheryl D. Crump, an Arts and Sciences junior, said that minorities are not being fairly represented on the advisory committee that elects resident assistants, and as a result, their needs are being overlooked.

    Crump is filing a complaint against the current selection policy with the Dean of Students Office.

    “”Minorities never participate in dorm activities because our cultural backgrounds are never considered,”” said Crump, who lives in Coconino Hall.

    Resident assistants should try to consider all residents’ interest. “”Minorities should not be ostracized,”” Crump said.

    The Advisory Committee on Resident Assistants is composed of two resident assistants, two residents assigned by the dorm’s head resident and two residents assigned by the dorm government. Crump said the committee is designed to reflect the students who live in the dorms. However, with no minorities on the committee, the needs of the minorities cannot be fairly represented.

    “”The issue is not color…This is not black-vs.-white issue,”” she said. Minority students just want a fair chance, she said.

    “”We are being locked in by this policy…It discriminates against several classes: blacks, Hispanics, disabled students, American Indians…We just want our needs to be met, we are just asking for a fair chance,”” she said.

    The selection committee itself is not at issue, but the policy through which the committee is created is, Crump said.

    The number of minority students who live in the dormitories is not large enough to influence the makeup of the committee, so the policy should be changed so that at least one position is reserved specifically for a minority. That will ensure minorities are represented, Crump said.

    Cecil R. “”Corky”” Taylor, associate dean of students for residence life, said that he felt the current policy is fair.

    “”If the minorities make up such a small percentage of the dorm population, why should they be represented?”” he said.

    Taylor refused to comment on the charge that the dorm policy is discriminator and said he was unable to provide a copy of the policy or discuss it.

    He said he was not sure whether minorities held positions on any of the committees of the 26 student dormitories on campus.

    “”I would make the assumption that we have some minorities on the committees, but I do not know how many,”” he said.

    William T. Foster Jr., associate dean of students, said he supported minority representation on the committees.

    “”It reflects the concern of the institution when you visually see these changes. We should not make changes only to satisfy laws or obligations; it should be done because it is fair,”” Foster added.

    Crump said, “”Minorities have occasionally served on the advisory committees, but it has been very inconsistent. I would like to see the policy changed so that a minority will always be on the committee.””

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