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    Police Beat

    Man cited for DUI, crashes vehicle into truck

    A man was arrested for DUI and other charges Nov. 28 at 11:06 p.m.

    An officer saw a car rear end a truck while traveling south on Campbell Avenue approaching East Sixth Street. The man in the truck said that he had no injuries. The officer then made contact with the driver of the car. The car was not running and the keys were not in the ignition. The officer asked him what happened and he said, “”I ran into that car.”” The officer reported that he immediately noticed a strong smell of intoxicants coming from the man. He had red, bloodshot, watery eyes and slow, slurred speech. He told the officer that he was not injured.

    The officer asked the man if he had anything to drink that night. The man said he did not. Reports noted that the man swayed while sitting in his vehicle. The officer asked the man for his license, registration and insurance. The man took some papers out of his glove box and was looking through them when he stopped and asked the officer what he was doing. The officer told him to get his license, registration and insurance again. The man then reached into his wallet and handed the officer a Chase credit card. He put it back in his wallet and took out his license.

    Other officers arrived to assist. The man was asked to step out of his vehicle. When he did, they observed him sway while he stood. The man was asked to complete a field sobriety test. While he did, the other officers noted the strong smell of intoxicants coming from him.

    The man was then transported to UAPD for further processing. He agreed to take a breath test. The first sample was not sufficient and he was asked to take another. The man then asked to speak to a lawyer. He was given a phone book so he could locate one. When his call was complete, police came back to give him the next breath test. The man then asked that the police let him call his father, who is a retired police officer. He was given an officer’s cell phone to make the call. When he got off the phone, he said he was ready to provide a breath sample. This sample was insufficient as well. The man then said, “”I’m not taking a breath test, or any test.””

    Police obtained a telephonic search order in order to get a sample of the man’s blood.

    The man was charged with DUI-slightest degree, no proof of insurance, and failure to control in order to avoid an accident.

    Man cited for minor DUI

    Another man was charged with three DUI counts Nov. 28 at 3:34 a.m.

    Police observed a vehicle swerving on North Campbell Avenue and East Elm Street. Police initiated a traffic stop. The car did not stop right away, but continued driving to East Ninth Street, where it turned left and stopped on Ninth Street.

    When police approached the vehicle they saw a man trying to exit. His door was open and he was stepping out. He was told to stay in the vehicle and roll down the window. The man had trouble rolling down the window because the car was off and he did not seem to realize it. Immediately police detected a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the man. He had red, bloodshot, watery eyes, was sweating profusely, and swayed while seated. He was asked for his license, registration and insurance. He handed several things to the officer, but not his registration. When the officer asked for it again, the man said “”I just gave you the registration”” in a slurred voice. The officer told him he had not and the man said, “”Then I don’t know where it is.””

    Officers asked the man if he had been drinking that evening. He said yes. He was asked to exit the vehicle. The man swayed and appeared to have difficulty walking straight. He agreed to perform a field sobriety test.

    After completing the test he agreed to answer officers’ questions. He said that he had one to two drinks at O’Malley’s Bar and Grill that evening. He would not specify what he drank. The man did not tell officers when he started drinking, when he stopped and when he last ate. When they asked him if he thought he should be driving, he said, “”No idea.”” The man was taken to UAPD for further processing.

    The man agreed to take a breath test. The first one showed a BAC of .199, and the second one showed a BAC of .193. The man was released, but returned shortly after saying that UAPD still had his wallet. He was informed that when he was transported to the police station the only thing he wanted to take with him was his cell phone. Because his car was towed, he would need to get in contact with the tow truck company. The man said he understood.

    The man was cited for DUI-impaired to the slightest degree, DUI-BAC greater than .08, and extreme DUI-BAC greater than .15. He was released to his uncle.

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