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    Clothes that work out

    Taking a jog or heading to the gym doesn’t have to be a fashion statement. So what? Function will always win over form when it comes to exercise, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re training for a decathlon.

    Here are a few fashion tips that will help improve your comfort while you get in shape, without sacrificing style. So leave that neon orange tracksuit at home (you’re a human being, not a traffic cone) and check out these straightforward fashion trends for hitting the gym.

    For women, simple and subtle with a colorful accent is an easy way to keep it fashionable during workouts. Seen below, political science senior Anastasia Korte highlights her black and white attire with a pair of pink and silver Puma athletic shoes, accentuating her legs.

    Highlighting different clothing by using color gives you the option to choose what part of your body you want to emphasize. A bright tank top can draw focus to your upper body, or a colorful headband can draw attention to your hair.

    Brightening one portion of your outfit, however, doesn’t mean you have to dull down the rest. Contrasting a white Mossimo tanktop with a black sports bra, Korte’s attire compliments her shoulders. By layering these colors, she also gives her upper body a nice variance, while still matching the rest of her clothes.

    Korte’s black Guess shorts with a thin white stripe down each side work great with the outfit as well. Sticking with simple shorts or cropped leggings is the safest option for girls. Since choosing what you wear below the waist is the most crucial part of your workout attire, a baggy pair of basketball shorts or anything with Victoria Secret’s “”PINK”” slogan written across the butt can ruin an entire outfit. They might make great lingerie, but there’s a reason you don’t see women sporting the brand in the Olympics.

    As with Korte, keeping your hair tied back in a simple ponytail brings out your shoulders and neck. Long hair is also a risk at the gym, kind of like how Barbie’s blonde locks used to get tangled in the back tires of her convertible. So keep an eye on your mane around the exercise equipment. It might be the difference between a normal workout and ending up on “”America’s Funniest Home Videos.””

    For theatre arts sophomore Brad Rhea, a simple T-shirt and shorts keeps the body cool and comfortable. After all, if you’re a guy headed to the gym there are two important rules to follow: don’t wear pants and don’t wear pants. For Rhea, a pair of Champion shorts does the trick.

    A second-hand T-shirt from Buffalo Exchange is a low-key answer to the obscenely clichǸ UA T-shirt or basketball jersey. You’re not Chase Budinger, so stop pretending.

    Music is also becoming a key component for any workout session, but dangling headphone cords can be a death trap around weight machines. Take a tip from Rhea: simply looping your headphones through your shirt can save yourself the potential embarrassment. Also, if you don’t want to look like RoboCop, opt for a lighter-weight music player and leave the video iPod at home.

    Serious runners should also take a look at the Nike and iPod Sport Kit, which measures distance, calories and time.

    Whether you’re running or lifting weights, sweat and exercise go hand in hand. Rhea demonstrates that keeping perspiration off your face can be as simple as a bandana or sweatband around the head.

    Above all, the most important part of a guy’s workout attire is the shoes (for Rhea it’s a pair of Nike cross-trainers). No matter how tattered your threads are, show up to the gym with a decent pair of kicks, and people will know you mean business.

    Workout Do’s and Don’ts


    For guys and girls, keeping their respective junk in their respective trunks is a must. For the men, boxers are a dangerous gamble because nobody wants to have an extra spotter when they’re doing the bench-press. Stay safe with some boxer-briefs.

    For women, a sports bra will provide support while minimizing any would-be distractions, and, in some rare cases, maybe, reduce the risk of a concussion.


    While working out, keep the earrings, necklaces and other jewelry low-key. Your body’s moving around at a fast pace; you don’t need a bevy of metal trinkets dangling off your appendages. Too much bling is a hazard and, besides, sweaty chains and bracelets are gross. The only “”ice”” in the gym should be in your water bottle.

    Dress Shoes

    Decide to work out in the Rec Center with a pair of dress shoes on, and you are literally giving people permission to slap you in the face. This goes for flip-flops, too. Millions of dollars have gone into researching athletic footwear, so make use of it.

    Clean Clothes

    This should really go without saying. You’re already gonna smell leaving the gym, so there is no need to multiply that by a week’s worth of stank. Stop reusing unwashed clothes. You have a washer. You have a dryer. Use them.

    photos by Alan Fullmer

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