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Residents tell us what it’s really like living at Sol Y Luna

Rebecca Noble

A view of Sol Y Luna student living apartment complexes on the UA campus on Monday, Oct. 31, 2016. The lowest rent at Sol Y Luna starts at $785 a month in a six-person living situation. (Photo by Rebecca Noble / The Daily Wildcat)

Sol Y Luna apartments are just steps from campus. Even though they’re not on-campus housing, these apartments are closer to the Student Union Memorial Center than some dorms are.

The apartment complex’s website encourages students to “ditch the dorm” and live there for “the same convenience and supportive student atmosphere of a dorm, but [with] the amenities of a five-star resort.”

But this kind of luxury (views of downtown, rooftop pool, etc.) comes with a high price. The cheapest apartment right now is listed at $785 per person per month, and that’s living with 5 other people.

The reviews are in. Here’s what some current and past residents of Sol Y Luna had to say about the apartments.


There were mixed reviews about Sol.

Sarah Carbo, a retail and consumer sciences senior, lived in Luna last year—when it was named Levels— and is living in Sol this year.

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“I’m older and not in the partying scene, but it’s great for freshmen and sophomores,” Carbo said. “It’s noisy—the music normally starts on Thursday and don’t end [sic] until Sunday. It’s a party building.”

Carbo also said the apartment complex is under new management this year, and she isn’t happy with it. She said she pays a lot of money to live there and expects better oversight from management, which she doesn’t get at the moment.

Kaitlin Franceschi, an undeclared sophomore, had similar complaints about the management.

“It’s hard to get ahold of someone if you need help with something,” Franceschi said.

But overall, she said she enjoys living at Sol.

“I love my apartment,” Franceschi said. “I do like living here.”

Both students said Sol is at a great location, and they are able walk or bike to all their classes.

Brayden Urdan, a general studies junior, has lived in these complexes for the past three years.

“It’s decent, but not great,” Urdan said. “The management is pretty poor.”

Jay Ahbabi, a pre-business freshman, has been living in Sol since August and really loves its quintessential “college” atmosphere.

“It’s really dope,” Ahbabi said. “Partying every night. It’s been really good.”

There were several people who refused to be interviewed about Sol, though, once they found out this would be published.

“This place sucks!” said a woman named Lani, who wouldn’t give her last name or major.


Alex Mantz, a criminology sophomore, lived in Luna last year, and moved out.

“Management is always lagging on stuff,” Mantz said.

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Carson Drespach, a care, health and society junior, also lived here last year and liked it a bit more than Mantz.

“It was OK, but expensive,” Drespach said. “I liked having a gym.”

A current resident, Jasper Yildirim, a finance senior, also said he likes the gym at the Luna complex.

“It’s the best gym on campus, excluding the [Student Recreation Center],” Yildirim said.

Yildirim also liked the proximity to campus and the study room.

Alex Patterson, an environmental science junior, had a recommendation for the apartments.

“Put a trash can at every floor, because it gets super dirty,” Patterson said.

Patterson did say the rooms are big, though, so he likes living there.

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