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    Police beat: July 14

    Late-night pick-up game in McKale leads to full bladder

    On July 5 at 3:30 a.m., a University of Arizona Police Department officer and a police aide conducted a security check at McKale Center. Although the building had been closed for the holiday with all doors secured, the officers found that one of the east-facing doors had been propped open.

    Upon entering the building to investigate, they observed five individuals playing basketball on the court in the dark. Two of the individuals fled, attempting to scale the retracted benches at the edge of the court, but they returned when one of the officers shined a flashlight on them.

    Four of the subjects, all minors, were identified, but the fifth initially refused to identify himself and only said, “”I have to go pee,”” while shaking his head from side to side.

    The unidentified man was informed that he was trespassing and that he was required to properly identify himself and he responded, “”I’m not telling you shit until I go pee.”” The man was then informed that upon properly identifying himself he would be escorted to the bathroom. The man complied, and he was escorted to a restroom where he “”attempted to enter a stall and was moved to a urinal.”” The man reportedly said: “”I don’t have any drugs that I’m trying to flush down the toilet.”” The man was then asked if he would consent to a search for drugs to which he replied, “”I don’t think so.””

    The man continued to be verbally argumentative, feeling that he was being unjustly harassed. An officer informed him that the building was locked, the lights were turned off and that he had attempted to run from a university official when confronted. The man replied, “”We tried a number of doors and found one unlocked by the pool. If a door is unlocked, it’s not trespassing. Besides, I wasn’t running away from them, I was running to go pee.”” The officers arrested him for second degree criminal trespassing.  

    He was cited and released at the scene, and the other four were referred to the Pima Juvenile Court and released to their parents.


    Motivational graffiti artist encourages  students to ‘Exist’

    On July 7 at 5:56 a.m., a UAPD officer registered a report from UA facilities management concerning a fresh graffiti painting on the south wall of the Koffler building.

    The graffiti was a two-part composition in black and white. One panel depicted a human face with large dark rings around the eyes, accompanied by an inscription that read: “”You can’t major in authenticity.”” The second panel portrayed a black-and-white face with long hair set above the word, “”Exist.””

    Accordiing to UAPD, the Koffler works are believed to be one of several graffiti paintings by the same person

    Earlier in the week, on July 5 at 5:51 p.m., a UAPD officer discovered another work sprayed onto the north staircase of the Highland Commons building. The artist had adorned the glass panels surrounding the staircase with the phrase, “”Survival is not enough,”” in black spray-paint. Adjacent to the piece, the graffiti artist painted a human head accompanied by the word “”Exist”” on the tile surface on the exterior elevator shaft.

    The scene was checked for additional damage, although none was found, and eight photographs were taken. At this time, there are no suspects or witnesses.



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