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    In response to “Student union remodels On Deck Deli, adds exclusive gluten-free space” (by Rachel McCluskey, Feb. 5):

    Perhaps it’s the price that is causing a decline in sales. Is it just me or does most of the stuff on campus seem WAY overpriced? I for one will go out of my way to bring my lunch to campus rather than buy it there because I feel like im getting ripped off.

    — Jared

    Please tell me they have something now besides Udi’s. They are the worst-tasting, dry-textured brand of gluten-free products on the market. Something like a dry kitchen sponge soaked in spray cleaner. There are so many tasty g-f options out there, it would be great to see some of that on campus.

    — Lynda Sorenson

    In response to “Online comments policy will help keep discussion relevant, mature” (by Lynley Price, Feb. 4):

    The article isn’t clear on who exactly is in charge of the censorship, but who’s to say the power won’t be abused? If I suggest this is a stupid idea, will my comment be removed because it might have seemed like an attack on the person who came up with it?

    — Wildcat

    Hi Wildcat,

    Thanks for the question. To clarify, the only editors with access to the Daily Wildcat’s comment administration are the editor-in-chief and the digital media editor.

    For the record, you can absolutely call the idea stupid. We welcome those kind of comments. The removal would only come if you had called the author stupid instead.

    I’d like to argue that this doesn’t qualify as censorship, at least not legally, given that the Daily Wildcat’s website belongs to the Daily Wildcat and deleting comments in no way limits anyone’s First Amendment rights. Furthermore, if you do want to get legal about it, laying down this policy could help protect the Wildcat against things like potential libel suits just because we allowed an untrue and defamatory statement to remain published by someone else on our site.

    However, the standards committee also recognizes that exercising too much control over the online comments section hinders an open dialogue, and that’s exactly why we wanted to set forth guidelines for how much we moderate. For the most part, the commenting section will remain exactly has it has functioned since August. The difference will only be that the comments will always be about the article, and not about totally unrelated topics like the article author’s social life.


    Kristina Bui, editor-in-chief

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