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    Debate, disagreement not equivalent to indoctrination

    It is not indoctrination when a leftist, on taking an economics class, becomes convinced of the merits of free markets and economic liberalization. It is not indoctrination when a leftist, on taking a course in modern ethics or political philosophy, comes to change his mind about the relation between individual, society and state, after reading the works of Nozick, Schmidtz and the like. And it is not indoctrination when a right-wing student is met by a compelling argument from a left-wing professor or comes to change his opinion on a question after reading leftist course materials.

    That views on individual liberty, size and scope of government, and economic policy that could be called “”far left”” or “”social democratic”” are pervasive among academics should be cause for concern. But to claim, as David Horowitz did in his 2007 visit to the UA and again on Tuesday, based on mere existence of courses devoted to what could be considered left-wing ideas or inclusion of leftist readings in the syllabus, that professors are engaging in misconduct, is downright slanderous. If V. Spike Peterson, Kari McBride or anyone else are basing grades on ideological compliance, let students come forward and pursue their grievances through the usual channels. Otherwise, let Horowitz be known as someone who calls free inquiry and intellectual disagreement “”oppression.””

    Ry Ellison ought to consider what’s written between the lines when he affirms Horowitz’s narrative. Call too many people bullies, and one starts to look like a sissy. It isn’t “”indoctrination”” to be met with strong argument; College Republicans shouldn’t mistake cowardice, lack of conviction or lack of expertise relative to their instructors for indoctrination. They should be grateful for the opportunity to argue with the best.

    Ben Kalafut

    physics graduate

    Students not as easily ‘indoctrinated’ as author contends

    It is ironic that David Horowitz demands equality for conservative students, while in the same breath condemning the Women’s Studies and African American Studies departments. You cannot advance the rights of a certain group by disqualifying the validity of another.

    Mr. Horowitz’s book and presentation have the potential to be cancerous in their intolerance and assumptions. It is absurd and insulting to assume that our professors are “”indoctrinating”” us into a political party or a set of ideals. It is equally ridiculous to believe that we, as students, blindly accept everything that we are told.

    For the most part, the UA’s professors respect their students enough to keep their private lives and political beliefs out of the classroom. I am proud to attend a school that tolerates respectful discourse, and I encourage conservative students to join in, but without the propaganda promoted by David Horowitz.

    Caitlin M. Campbell

    sociology senior

    Greeks include some of our most respected citizens

    I think I can speak for the majority of Greek students on the UA campus in saying it was about time an article like Wednesday’s opinion by Daniel Greenberg, “”UA should face up to real problems instead of blaming Greeks,”” was published. As a member of a social sorority on campus, I can honestly say that almost all academic, philanthropic, professional and honorary opportunities that I have had the chance to be a part of are due to my involvement in my respective Greek organization, and not university-sponsored leadership workshops or supposed outreach programs.

    Coming from a small town in Northern California, attending the UA was a big change, and it’s 100 percent due to my involvement in the Greek system that these past three years have been the best and most memorable! It is easier to judge and point the finger at someone instead of facing the reality: It is college and students are going to consume alcohol, whether at a private home or fraternity house. If you prohibit students from attending/hosting organized Greek functions that GAMMA (Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol) can oversee, students are going to travel further from campus, therefore increasing the likeliness of drunk driving and crime.

    If you look at some of the most influential and successful individuals in the U.S. -ÿpast U.S. presidents, Supreme Court Judges, Corporate Executives and Humanitarians -ÿan overwhelming number of them are Greek. If you were to take a survey of how many of the UA’s alumni donors are members of a fraternity or sorority, I guarantee you they make up the majority.

    If all fraternities under the jurisdiction of the Inter Fraternity Council and all the Sororities under the Pan-Hellenic Council are going to continue to be scrutinized, punished and blamed by administrators for hearsay acts and for every UA student’s “”drinking problems/habits,”” I would define that as discrimination and narrow-mindedness.

    When it comes down to it, if administrators and university officials continue to taint the reputation of Greeks and ultimately eliminating Greek Life from the UA campus, they better start dreaming of what organizations they are going to pin the blame on next.

    Alexia Hoff

    business administration senior

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