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Athletics is the perfect place to foster accountability

 Nobody likes being punished for something they did wrong. The transgression could be big or small, but those who self impose punishment are the ones who want to make a difference in their own lives.

We don’t see this often. Usually, the person says he or she won’t do it again or will wait for an outside source to wield a proper punishment, be it the government, an employer or a parent.

When one steps up and doesn’t wait for an outside institution to apply a punishment, choosing instead to self inflict it upon themselves, it’s a clear sign that he or she is serious about making things right and isn’t just waiting to find out whether a punishment will be applied.

The University of Louisville has done just that, imposing a one-year postseason ban (including the March Madness tournament) on its NCAA men’s basketball team in response to a tell-all book by Katina Powell.

Powell, a self-described escort, has alleged that former men’s basketball staffer Andre McGee was involved in scandalous affairs. including hiring dancers to strip and have sex with recruits and players.

Amid an investigation by the NCAA, the university took matters into its own hands with the decision to sit out of postseason play, proving that it is serious about their intolerance to this type of behavior.

As harsh as this punishment is to players and coaches who had no involvement with the incident, it’s an important example of the kind of self-punishment that needs to happen more often at any institution or business that claims that it won’t put up with unacceptable behavior.

There’s no telling what the NCAA will do, but kudos to Louisville for taking this seriously.

The school is no joke when it comes to college hoops. At the time when the story broke on ESPN and CNN, the school was projected to receive a number five seed in this year’s NCAA tournament. Head coach Rick Pitino claimed numerous times that he had no knowledge of the affair, but that didn’t stop the school from wielding its power. I couldn’t be more pleased with the school’s decision because it will show coaches and players alike that they’re not invincible.

The decision made by the Louisville administration will hopefully help students at this school, and other schools, who look to these athletes as role models realize that their actions have consequences.

Too often we see a notable actor, wealthy individual or star athlete who behaved unacceptably get away scot-free, all thanks to their titles and statuses.

I applaud Louisville’s decision and I hope that any organization and institution in such a predicament follows suit. A man that wields his own punishment rather than simply saying he will make a change is a man that can be trusted.

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