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    KAMP to give CDs away on Mall

    As KAMP Student Radio continues to convert its music collection into digital archives, it will be giving away CDs on the UA Mall each week during their live Wednesday radio shows.

    “”Before we start digitalizing our archived library, what we’re doing is we’re going through and pretty much consolidating our library,”” said Neema Eshrati, KAMP general manager. “”We are finally getting rid of CDs that are older than 10 years, even if it is a good CD, a bad CD – it doesn’t matter. At this point, we need to make room so when more CDs come in, we have the space for that.””

    Eshrati said the goal of giving the CDs away is to both give back to the community and to also hopefully help generate new KAMP listeners.

    “”The advantage of what we’re doing now (is) we’re not going to be just throwing away the CDs,”” Eshrati said. “”We’re giving back to our community by offering these CDs as a free gift to everyone on campus and as a way to advertise ourselves to the campus.””

    KAMP will hold their CD giveaway from noon to 2 p.m. Wednesdays as part of their regular Mall show.

    Aislinn Handley, an undeclared freshman, said CDs are somewhat obsolete and are no longer relevant in today’s society.

    “”Nobody really gets CDs anymore,”” Handley said. “”Everybody just buys music online. I don’t know, I can’t really remember the last time I bought a CD,

    except just buying something

    from iTunes.””

    Eshrati said KAMP’s goal is to give out as many CDs as possible.

    Mike Camarillo, KAMP student adviser, said this music was intended for the public and since the station will no longer have a need for the hard copies, it is only natural to give them to the public.

    “”That music is meant to be heard by everyone,”” Camarillo said. “”Artists want to be heard, so I just hope if anybody can get some enjoyment out of the CDs that we are going to give away, that’s great.””

    KAMP has been a part of the community for the past 20 years, and events such as this giveaway allows them to give back to their audience, Eshrati said.

    “”We have been doing our part to give back to the community through the radio, just broadcasting,”” Eshrati said. “”We want (the community) to see us also through the hands on involvement that we have on our campus. Them listening to us is how we stay afloat. (This acts) as a ‘thank you’ to listening to us for the past 20 years.””

    That process of giving back will continue until there are no longer any CDs to give away, Eshrati said.

    “”Every time we go to the Mall, we will probably have at least 1,000 to 1,500 CDs to bring with us,”” he said. “”All types of genres, as we slowly start

    sifting through genre by genre and sorting though CDs, there might be more predominantly metal one day, predominantly (alternative) one day. Especially right now, we have no preference in genre.””

    Any unclaimed CDs will eventually be donated to local libraries. Eshrati said the goal is to not throw any of them away.

    Handley said it was a good idea to give away the CDs, as it provides students with a great opportunity to get their hands on some free merchandise.

    “”It is cool that they are giving them away,”” Handley said. “”I would be interested in that.””

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