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Police Beat: November 21

Blame it on the alcohol

A UA student was arrested for possession of a fake driver’s license and for using the fake ID to purchase alcohol on Thursday at around 1 p.m.

The fake driver’s license was discovered after the student left his wallet at the Express Document Center in the UA Main Library.

When it was found, a University of Arizona Police Department officer went through it to identify who it belonged to and found the fake license as well as a receipt from an alcohol purchase.

The student was contacted and informed the wallet had been found.

When the student arrived to pick it up, he was met by a UAPD officer, who asked to speak with him about the wallet.

The student seemed very nervous at the time and the officer asked him if he knew why he wanted to speak with him. He replied, “Because I had something in my wallet that I shouldn’t have.”

The officer showed the student the fake ID as well as a receipt from a nearby Safeway that showed a purchase of more than $100 worth of vodka and rum. The student confirmed that the fake license was his and that he had used it to buy the alcohol.

The student said he no longer had the alcohol in his possession and that he had purchased two fake IDs for $100 from the website “ID Chief,” but he only had one left because a bouncer at an unidentified bar had seized the other one.

The student was arrested and released on the scene for using the fake driver’s license, and was referred to the Dean of Students Office.

Roommate Problems

A UAPD officer was called to Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall because a UA student felt threatened by his roommate after a verbal confrontation.

The student had concerns after two incidents with his roommate occurred. The first incident was when the student was on the phone with his mother and she asked what the loud noise was in the background and he said it was his roommate’s video game.

When the student got off of the phone with his mom, his roommate became irate and started screaming at him telling him to “stop talking crap,” and calling him a coward.

After that incident the roommate apologized and said that it wouldn’t happen again. The resident assistant did not document it because the student believed it truly was a one-time occurrence.

The second argument was over a fantasy basketball league that both roommates were a part of. The student felt that his roommate was cheating and got upset because there was money involved, so he dropped him from the league without telling him.

When his roommate found out he was dropped from the league he made a comment to a friend saying it was a “bitch move.” After the friend left the room, the student’s roommate began screaming at him, telling him he was going to “beat him up” and threatening to punch him in the face multiple times. The student said that the yelling got so loud that other residents came to the room to see if everything was OK.

As the student tried to leave the room, his roommate blocked the door and would not let him leave. A friend of the student stepped in and told the roommate to stop, and then they left the room. The student said that if his friend hadn’t stepped in, he believed that his roommate would have assaulted him.

The student then told the resident assistant that he felt unsafe and threatened and he wanted to move. He was placed in a new room.

The UAPD officer could not make any arrests due to insufficient evidence of the threats.

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