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    Police Beat: Nov. 4

    “”I’m not going to lie to you, all this stuff is mine””

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer went to a student’s room in Villa Del Puente Residence Hall on Monday after a resident assistant reported the smell of marijuana coming from his room. Upon arriving, the officer knocked on the student’s door and also noticed the smell of marijuana coming from nearby.

    A man answered the door, and invited the officer inside.

    He pointed at his desk and told the officer, “”I’m not going to lie to you, all this stuff is mine.”” The officer then asked what stuff he was talking about, and the man pointed to a rolled cigarette and said, “”that joint, pipe and grinder.”” The man went on to tell the officer that he was mixing marijuana with tobacco. He said he bought the marijuana in Phoenix for $20 a gram and was about to leave campus to smoke a “”spuff,”” which is a mixture of tobacco and marijuana, according to police records.

    The man stated that his roommate and friend had nothing to do with the marijuana and paraphernalia, which was confirmed when the officer spoke to them individually.

    A wooden case with a metal pipe, rolling papers, a green marijuana grinder and 1.2 grams of marijuana mixed with tobacco were confiscated. The man was arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of narcotic paraphernalia. He was also referred to the Dean of Students Office.

    A found bicycle?

    A UAPD officer came across an unsecured bicycle in the bike racks near Villa Del Puente on Monday. It was a metallic copper La Jolla street cruiser with a deflated front tire, which was also off the rim. The serial number of the bike was listed, and it had a Parking and Transportation Services tag. PTS was contacted and one of their employees met with a UAPD officer to take possession of the bicycle. The bicycle had not been reported stolen.

    Trespassing at Rec Center

    At 9:51 a.m. on Monday, a UAPD officer went to the Student Recreation Center after staff reported that a man had been in the women’s locker room. The employee said  he followed the man into the men’s locker room after the incident, and that he was still there. The employee told the man to leave, but he became aggressive and replied, “”You don’t want to piss me off!””

    The employee then called the police. While he provided details of the suspect’s clothing, the man took off his sweatshirt and T-shirt. The suspect proceeded to the men’s locker room while the employee waited outside for the police. The employee also said the suspect slapped a woman on the buttocks and she left hurriedly and distraught.

    The officer went into the men’s locker room, searched it and finally found the suspect in the showers. He was the only person there. The officer announced loudly “”police!”” and directed the man to exit the shower. The suspect feigned deafness, pointing to his ear as if he couldn’t hear the officer.

    The man refused to speak, so the officer motioned for him to follow him out. He told the man he already knew that he could speak, because he had spoken to the manager earlier. The suspect then began answering the officer’s questions, but refused to acknowledge him unless direct eye contact was made.

    When the suspect hid his face and eyes in his towel, the officer asked if he was a lip reader. The man removed his face from his towel and said, “”yes.”” The officer then asked the man to get dressed and placed him into double-locked handcuffs.

    Another UAPD officer spoke to an employee at the Rec Center, who identified the man as the one who entered the women’s locker room.

    Another employee, who was working at the front desk, said that when the suspect entered he passed the front desk without providing identification. He simply said, “”I’m with construction.”” The employee was unable to contact him because he proceeded so quickly.

    The officer then spoke to another UA employee who said an unidentified woman came to her at about 9:40 a.m. and said that a man had “”slapped her on the butt,”” and then slammed her locker shut before he ran out of the woman’s locker room.

    Although the suspect had no prior history with the UA, he has been flagged by Tucson Police Department before as being mentally unstable. He had a previous incident for standing in the middle of the road and yelling obscenities at passing cars, as well as for providing a false name.

    The suspect was arrested for criminal trespassing and issued a six-month exclusionary order. The officer transported the suspect to Pima County Jail Adult Detention Facility, where he was booked.

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