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    Police Beat: Feb. 18

    Roll joint, light joint, lose joint

    A male UA student was cited for marijuana possession immediately after lighting up on Wednesday at 10:36 p.m.

    A University of Arizona Police Department officer on bike patrol near Coronado Residence Hall noticed a student sitting on a bench north of the building and detected a strong smell of marijuana.

    The officer, who turned around to talk with him, told the student there was a strong odor of marijuana in the area.

    The student said he knew the reason why the officer may be smelling marijuana and lifted his right leg to reveal a two inch rolled up cigarette.

    The student told the officer that it was a marijuana joint he had just lit when he saw the officer ride around.

    The student said the marijuana was the only illegal item in his possession and that his dorm room was clear of all illegal items.

    The marijuana was purchased off campus and the student didn’t know the name of the person who sold it.

    The officer cited the student for possession of marijuana and placed the joint into UAPD property as evidence. The officer also filled out a Dean of Students Office code of conduct referral.

    The student was released on the scene.

    BMX rider caught for failure to appear

    A non-UA affiliated man was arrested for failure to appear after being caught doing BMX tricks on campus on Wednesday at 4:58 p.m.

    A UAPD officer responded to McClelland Park building  in response to a police aide who was having difficulty with subjects who were doing bike tricks on campus at 4:46 p.m.

    While the officer was on the way to the building, the UAPD communications office advised that one of the subjects had an outstanding warrant from the Pima County

    Sheriff’s Office for failure to appear on trespassing charges.

    Upon arrival, the officer observed the three males on BMX bikes on the southwest corner of the McClelland Park building.

    When officer met with the men, the subjects admitted to doing tricks on campus on their bikes.

    The officer asked the group for identification and the first one was found to be the one with an outstanding warrant.

    The officer confirmed with UAPD that the man was indeed wanted for failure to appear.

    The officer then placed the man under arrest and detained him.

    The man vaguely remembered being arrested by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office, but thought that he had already taken care of paying for the charges.

    The man admitted, though, that he may have missed the last payment.

    The officer arrested the man for failure to appear and began a search incident to arrest of the man’s person.

    When the officer found unidentifiable objects in the man’s pocket and asked what they were, the man simply replied, “”Weed.””

    The officer cited the man for possession of marijuana and transported him to Pima County Jail.

    She’s just not that into you

    A female UA student reported received harassing calls and text messages to UAPD on Wednesday at 2:38 p.m.

    The student told the officer that the messages were from a friend from high school.

    The friend wanted to be “”more than friends”” with the student, but she wanted to only be friends and had explained that to this friend in the past.

    After high school, the two lost contact with each other.

    Recently, the friend contacted the student on Facebook and they decided to meet for coffee.

    After their meeting, the two went back to the student’s residence hall.

    The friend attempted to hold the student’s hand and kissed the student several times on the shoulder.

    The student never told the friend to stop, but would move her hand if the friend tried to hold it.

    On Monday, the student told the friend she was not interested in a romantic relationship and requested that the friend leave her alone.

    The friend continued to send several text messages and phone calls.

    One of the texts contained a threat to show the emails between the two to a man the student was interested in.

    The officer contacted the friend and told him that the student did not want to be contacted again.

    The friend said that he “”got the hint”” on Monday and wasn’t planning on contacting the student.

    The officer said the student would be pressing harassment charges if contacted again.

    The friend said he understood and requested the officer also tell the student to not contact him in any way.

    The officer explained to the student how to obtain a restraining order from the Pima County Court.

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