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Thrill Seekers Welcome: The top 5 scariest rides at the Spring Fling

Tom Price
Riders smile as they swing up in the air as they ride G-Force at Spring Fling.

Spring Fling, a time of carnival food, games and fun, means it’s time to start mentally preparing for the scariest thing the University of Arizona has to offer … the carnival rides.  Here is a Top Five list of the scariest rides st Spring Fling this year.

5.  Alien Abduction

While there are no sharp turns, sudden stops or heights, Alien Abduction is the one ride your stomach is bound to drop in, and all the yummy Funnel cake you just ate might come back up.  Upon entering the alien spaceship, everyone must claim a spot leaning against the wall.  Then, the whole machine starts spinning, and they open up the floor since the friction made stronger and pins you against the wall.  If you like spinning rides, this is sure to take you out of this world.

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4. Ferris Wheel

While the Ferris Wheel may be slow, your heart rate won’t be.  With swinging benches, heights that make people on Earth look like ants and only a bar holding you in, it’s no surprise the Ferris Wheel makes the list.  Dangling at the top of the Ferris Wheel may be the best place to take a selfie but the worst place if you’re afraid of heights.

3. Mega Drop

Ever wonder what falling off a building feels like? Well, you can practically find out on the Mega Drop, a ride which, after being shot up in the air then dropped, is supposed to be a thrilling experience.  After being strapped into the ride, riders get a view of the carnival before plummeting all the way down, hoping the ride catches you.  If you’re looking to fall for your Spring Fling date, maybe this type of fall isn’t for you.

2. G Force

A ride that defies the rules of gravity may sound fun to the most daring of us. The G-Force pushes, pulls, spins, flips and turns you just about as much as possible.  First, riders are placed in a triangle-shaped seat, so they face the others and then start spinning. Next, you are lifted off the ground and begin to spin. On top of all that spinning, the ride starts moving like a pendulum and eventually flips all the way around.  If you’re like me, breaking the laws of gravity almost sounds scarier than breaking the law.

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1. Mach 1

Coming in at the number one-scariest ride at Spring Fling carnival is Mach 1, the tallest and most expensive attraction at the carnival.  The ride can easily be identified for its insanely tall height, fast speed and constant shrieks from riders.  At each end of the ride, four lucky (or unlucky) riders are strapped into the ride and get to ride all the way to the top and back down really quickly.  If you are not afraid of speed, spins, height or death, you should try this ride.

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