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Mailbag: Dec. 7

‘When hell freezes over’ column misguided

Well, there you go. All of us driving our trucks, Hummers and oversized SUVs can breathe a heavy sigh of relief. Global warming, as it all turns out, was nothing more than a hoax, a politically calculated ruse to deprive all of us good, honest, hard-working Americans of our rights.

Never mind the fact that carbon dioxide is now building in our atmosphere at dangerous levels and human beings are the primary cause. Never mind that this influx of carbon can throw off the carbon cycle, a geological process that affects every facet of the Earth. Even though these are invariably truths, we can casually disregard them. After all, global warming is a myth. I mean, it’s not like greenhouse gases have the effect of insulating the planet and are thus directly tied to temperature. It’s not like it takes generations for adverse environmental consequences of callous and uncaring human action to take place. Who cares if the Earth is billions of years old; we’ve been burning fossil fuels for nigh a century and a half and if we haven’t seen global warming now, then it must not exist! Besides, with the recent events of the aptly named “”Climategate”” demonstrating the reprehensible and disgusting actions of some scientists, it is now clear what we have thought all along: scientists are all evil and want to mislead us and deprive us of our rights to do whatever we want to do the environment. She’s ours, by God, our tax dollars pay for her. It’s just like how all Wall Street investors embezzle millions, how all Catholic priests get their kicks off with alter boys, and how every single solitary Muslim is, has been, or will be a terrorist. If it’s true for some, then it must be true for everything! Wow, I’m surprised those climate scientists didn’t figure this one out!

Was the imminent threat of global warming a political calculation or a genuine scientific error? Probably a little of both, but what is immutably true is that anyone who is pouncing on this issue, using it as justification for their continued destruction of the environment and their “”master puppeteer”” attitude when it comes to tampering with delicate geophysical processes are far more guilty of the politcalization and opportunism for which they now decry the science behind global warming.

In conclusion, all Republicans are Glenn Beck, all Democrats Michael Moore, and everyone just needs to get a grip. Hopefully one on reality.   


Lucas Money


Letter misinterprets Chain Gang

I just wanted to take a moment to address Christopher Miller’s well-intentioned yet ill-informed letter to the editor on Thursday (“”The real Chain Gang””). The spirit section, to which I assume he was referring, is made up of many different organizations on campus on a rotating basis that assist Zona Zoo in its efforts to promote Wildcat spirit around campus. This has included organizations such as Arizona Allegiance, Mortar Board, Chain Gang, Student Alumni Association, Freshman Class Council, Zona Zoo Crew and others, depending on their level of commitment to helping Zona Zoo Crew’s various events, as they are responsible for the section.  Chain Gang consistently earned these seats for every home football game this semester, which are behind the front row, which has been designated for superfans that paint their bodies and arrive early enough at the games.

Attending the games is quite honestly the bare minimum a fan can contribute. Chain Gang has far exceeded this by assisting with every single Bear Down Friday, co-hosting a tailgate on the Mall, painting University Boulevard at 2 a.m. on a game week, lining up extremely early in the morning for “”College GameDay”” and participating in road trips to ASU and this weekend’s USC game. Chain Gang Junior Honorary does all of this out of a love for the University of Arizona and to help enhance the experience of all Wildcats on campus.

Getting to stand in the spirit section at the football games is a great privilege and honor Chain Gang has spent many hours each week earning. Were we at any point to stop fulfilling our obligations to Zona Zoo, the seats would be given to a more deserving organization. While it would have been wonderful if we were allowed to stroll up 20 minutes before kick-off, as Mr. Miller asserted, that is simply not true, and we arrived an average of an hour to an hour and a half before each game throughout the semester.

As to Miller’s last point about beating discrimination, I have to again disagree. What we witnessed in New York this week has proven that discrimination is alive and well in the United States. Fortunately for the University of Arizona, this is not the case at our football games.


Scott Rising

Chain Gang Junior Honorary President

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