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    ‘Demon’s Souls’ an ode to hardcore gamers

    “”Demon’s Souls”” is an action-RPG game exclusive to Playstation 3 that enjoys watching you suffer. Don’t believe me? Try playing a game where you’re dying every 10 minutes and yelling expletives every three seconds. “”Demon’s Souls”” is a brutally unforgiving adventure that will have you coming back again and again.

    The game turns Western fantasy on its head and creates a beautiful and engrossing world. The different world zones have several bosses and are truly gigantic. They are made more so by the great amount of effort it takes to get through even a small portion of each level. New areas open after every challenge and it’s easy to spend several hours on a single level without breaking a sweat.

    “”Demon’s Souls”” has a hardcore mentality that challenges you like no other game this generation has. To make my point, dying in this game will actually make it harder. Yes, you read correctly. Also, when you die you lose all your money. The enemies are unforgiving, though not unfair, as “”Demon’s Souls”” simply employs a very strict rule set. If you follow it, you will make slow but sure progress.

    You might be wondering how this is any fun at all. Trust me when I say that it is. Every frustrating moment during the long second stage when I was inclined to smash my controller, I was still dying to give the spider boss another go. While you will turn off your machine many times in frustration, eventually the extreme pressure of the game will cause you to return and give it another shot — or 50. The challenge is truly addicting, and while it is not everyone’s favorite, it is absolutely worth experiencing once. The game world is engrossing, the sounds are spot-on and the whole package is a very well-constructed affair.

    “”Demon’s Souls”” will pull you into its world like no other game this generation has, and any video game fan should give it a try for at least a few hours. The game will suck you in and not let you go until you finish it — several times. Do anything you can to get your hands on a copy. You won’t regret it.


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