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    ‘Not cool, U of A. Not cool at all.’

    A few weeks back, no one noticed someone with a large pair of wire cutters stealing my bike from the bike racks in front of Gould-Simpson while I was taking a midterm. Since then, I’ve been forced to join the ranks of the commute-to-school-in-a-car crew, which I hate for so many reasons (oblivious pedestrians, inconsiderate bikers, incompetent drivers, etc.). No reason more so, however, than the one I discovered today: apparently some higher up in the university decided they were going to accommodate the needs of the football-going crowd, instead of the needs of the tuition-paying crowd who needed to get their classes on a Thursday.

    I circled campus starting at 8:45 a.m. or so to try to get a parking spot before my 9:30 a.m. class. At 9:35, I gave up. Even if I had been so lucky as to find a spot in time for my 9:30 class, I would have had to vacate said spot before the end of my 2-5 p.m. lab, because “”Permit holders for the Cherry Avenue Garage, as well as nearly all surface lots between Highland and Campbell avenues and Speedway Boulevard to Seventh Street, must be vacated by 3 p.m. in order to meet prior obligations to football fans and tailgaters with game day reservations in those lots.”” Excuse me, prior obligations to TAILGATERS?!!?!!?!!?!??? Not cool, U of A. Not cool at all.

    Your first and foremost responsibility is to the students and education. Your “”prior obligation”” was to ME the moment I paid my tuition for this semester. Football should ALWAYS be secondary. Biggest game of the year or not, your primary function is as an institute of higher education, not a sporting venue.

    Jennifer Roper
    geosciences affiliate

    Faculty shouldn’t stand for football foibles

    Since the university has decided that providing cheap entertainment and convenient parking to the public is more important than academics, it would seem as though a faculty park-in is in order.

    How audacious, to ask for class to be canceled so assorted riff-raff who don’t usually care about the UA’s academic mission can park in the garage, to more conveniently cheer for “”students”” with whom most, especially in the more rigorous majors, never share a class! And how irresponsible to only give a week’s notice!

    At a good many private colleges, the faculty wouldn’t stand for this. Modern universities are supposed to be run by their faculty; ours got caught either off-guard or without moxie.

    Ben Kalafut
    physics graduate

    Get out of your bubble!

    In response to Alex Hoogasian (“”Being ‘green’ not that important,”” Wednesday): If you lived in your own little bubble – not just figuratively speaking, but literally as well – you would be more then welcome “”not to stress over living ‘green'””. Unfortunately, we in the rest of the world have to share our fragile planet with people of such a horrifying mind-set like yourself. As a political scientist, it is shocking to see your lack of sensitivity for the broader consequences of your lifestyle choices. Our environment is a political issue.

    Elin Gustavsen,
    political science and sociology senior

    Photo caption a ‘gross misrepresentation’

    I want to express my deep disappointment at the characterization of the University of Arizona Alumni Association as an organization whose “”status is currently in limbo,”” as contained within the caption adjacent to the article, “”Alumni Association clips Tucson chapter”” (yesterday). This caption, accompanied by a photo of an empty Alumni Association office, represents an unfortunate and gross misrepresentation.

    The Alumni Association has never been stronger, and plays a more vital role than ever within the campus community. We are dedicated to connecting UA alumni to each other and to the university, and to serve as a means for students to foster important alumni contacts for future employment. The caption may have been referring to the status of the Tucson Alumni Chapter, which is the focus of the article. The future of the Tucson chapter is currently under review to ensure that we have the best infrastructure and alumni volunteer leadership in place to serve our many alumni in the region. But to imply that the Alumni Association itself is in limbo is simply wrong and inconsistent with the tone of the article.

    Christopher J. Vlahos
    President and executive director
    The University of Arizona
    Alumni Association

    Unhappy birthday at the SUMC

    As the largest student union in the country (not attached to a hotel), I expected more from the annual birthday celebration yesterday than what I was presented with. Last year, for the Union’s birthday, I was delighted to partake in festivities offering cake, cups, pens and hats to commemorate the construction of this grand building. All week my friend and I have been anticipating the birthday celebration that is so near and dear to our hearts.

    However, upon arrival at the tents I was sorely disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm and thought put into this unique and special celebration. The cupcakes were subpar, and nowhere in sight were the celebratory cups, pens and hats that I had come to cherish. As graduating seniors we were saddened by this because we will never again be able to walk the Mall and partake in free cake commemorating the birth of the focal point of our university. I sincerely hope that next year a little more thought and respect is put into recognizing the birth of the SUMC.

    Elisa Travalio
    dietetics senior

    Meghan Dickerson
    physiology senior

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