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    Pacheco honored for the wrong things

    I was very disappointed to read about the dedication of the mural of Manuel Pacheco in Tuesday’s Arizona Daily Wildcat. I should start by stating that I have no disagreement with honoring Pacheco in the naming of the Integrated Learning Center or with a mural. The problem, as I see it, stems from the manner in which it was done. In the front-page article, the Wildcat made sure to point out that Pacheco was the university’s first Hispanic president. Worse, the mural contains the phrase “”Hombre de Confianza,”” forever highlighting this. To make such an emphasis on Pacheco’s heritage is to imply that his actions as president were somehow more impressive due to the fact that he was Hispanic. Pacheco, like all men, should not be honored based upon his race, gender, religion or any other such aspects, but rather should be honored based upon his accomplishments alone. The more we draw attention to someone’s genetic heritage, the deeper we dig the divisions between us, and the slower progress on equality becomes.

    Mike Fenwick
    sophomore majoring in physics,
    astronomy and math

    Debunking 9/11 conspiracy thoeries

    Uh oh! John Bierman figured out the government’s plot! He better get his tin foil hat and watch out for the black helicopters! These 9/11 conspiracy theories that float around have about the same value as the “”enlarge your p3n!s”” spam e-mails we get. Some of these claims have absolutely no logic and distort the facts. For example, John writes, “”Underwriter laboratories certified the steel used in the twin towers to withstand 2,000-degree temperatures for up to six hours before the steel would significantly weaken.”” Hello! Something tells me that the UL doesn’t take into account the possibility of a wide body jet slamming into the structure at several hundred mph when they are certifying steel for structural integrity against fire. Get it? That rating is for “”fire”” protection. Not “”fire + massive, fast airplane”” protection. Popular Mechanics put together a comprehensive article that debunks many of these conspiracy theories. Unlike some Web site that Joe Schmoe put together, this is from a reputable source:

    Sean Small
    political science senior

    Report on ASUA Senateresolution inaccurate

    I am responding to the article listed in yesterday’s paper titled “”Gender-neutral bathrooms, tuition hot topics for ASUA.”” I feel it is my duty to report that the article severely misrepresents what took place at the ASUA Senate meeting Wednesday. In the opening sentence, the article claims that senators “”tried to pass a resolution that would deny gender-neutral bathrooms for transgender individuals.”” Unfortunately this statement is entirely false. In a 5-3 vote (with two abstentions), the senate failed a resolution that supported the continued construction of gender-neutral bathrooms. The failed resolution specifically stated that, “”The Associated Students of the University of Arizona supports the continued construction and designation of a reasonable amount of clearly marked bathrooms as gender-neutral.”” I would also like to highlight that the resolution presented by Sen. Shawn Ingram encouraged the enforcement of safety precautions for those who might falsely claim they belong to a specific gender. On behalf of the ASUA Senate, we request that you publish the resolution in its entirety so as to remove any false presumptions. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope that this may clear up any confusion surrounding Wednesday’s resolution.

    Bryan Hill
    economics junior,
    ASUA senator

    Gender-neutral restrooms will cause problems

    Regarding the gender-neutral restrooms article yesterday, I believe altering stalls to accommodate an element of the UA population while not looking at the whole is not in the UA’s best interests. Firstly, foreseeable lawsuits that can be filed against the UA when deceptive individuals could use these gender-neutral restrooms for rape and sexual harassment will become even more of an issue. We can stop these problems before they happen by not allowing gender-neutral restrooms.

    Secondly, the UA is a family-friendly campus, and gender-neutral restrooms would make the UA unsafe for children who are old enough to use the restrooms by themselves. Mixing genders in a restroom would open the door for pedophiles to prey on our daughters and sons.

    Thirdly, this issue has not really been an issue at all until an unnecessary fear made it an issue. Is the UA really going to be seen as not “”inclusive”” if we distinguish between genders? This is an illegitimate fear and there is nothing wrong with the status quo.

    Fourthly, the UA offers classes in physiology that effectively clear up any confusion about one’s gender.

    Ajpaal Kalyanmasih
    senior majoring in Judaic studiesand education

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