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Mailbag: Dec. 4

UA community properly handled World Aids Week

After walking around the UA campus on Dec. 1, 2009 I noticed other students like myself talking about AIDS and how we as Americans can prevent it. When I got back to my dorm room I logged onto the Daily Wildcat and found the article, “”‘World AIDS Week’ kicks off today.”” After reading through the article, I became very interested in learning more about AIDS and how the disease can be prevented. I think all students on any college campus should be aware of the risks of getting HIV through sexual intercourse. “”Every nine and a half minutes someone in the United States is affected with HIV.”” That means that someone in every one of UA’s classes on campus possibly lives with the disease every day.

I am proud to say that I go to a university that is so involved with getting students aware about such a prominent disease. This year the University of Arizona has made it a much bigger deal and has decorated the campus with paintings, black plastic bags and posters demonstrating the facts of AIDS and HIV. AIDS can affect everyone and there are certain precautions that can be taken to prevent it. Become aware in your community; don’t let AIDS take control of your life.

Kelsey Doody


Cheers to column on global warming hype

I am a fifth year senior here at the UA and about to graduate in December. I thought I would pick up the Daily Wildcat and read it one more time before I have hectic finals week and then move back home. I came across the article “”When Hell Freezes Over,”” not quite sure what it was about, but decided to start reading it. Afterwards I was pleasantly surprised and so glad I did.

Everywhere you turn, every class you are in, and every commercial on television now either discusses “”global warming””, “”climate change””, “”carbon footprints”” or “”going green.”” I can’t stand listening to it anymore, and I usually have to get up and walk away. I feel the way Daniel Greenberg does, in that it is so overused and pushed on us constantly that I don’t even want anything to do with it anymore (aside from the fact that is nothing but lies and political propaganda started by that wonderful man by the name of Al Gore). It was just so refreshing to hear somebody else that was finally saying exactly what I was thinking. Thank you for putting the truth in our paper, and I just hope it reaches a lot of students and opens their eyes, maybe, to the political lies and games behind the movement. It truly is just another way the government is trying to take away more of our freedoms. I for one, know that I will never be forced to turn in my car for a Prius.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

Tricia Hadzicki


‘Club’ news story misleads readers

The article written in yesterday’s issue of the Wildcat, titled “”Club Raises Awareness for Disaffected Children in Tanzania”” about Support For International Change (SIC) was completely misleading, due to the fact that two different clubs were actually being represented.

SIC’s primary focus is not specifically on children; as a 501(3) non-governmental organization, SIC was established in Northern Tanzania to limit the impact of HIV/AIDS in rural, underserved communities, where access to information on HIV/AIDS is very limited. Each year the organization selects students from the UA to travel to Tanzania, where they help lead an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign by teaching in these rural communities. More information can be found at SIC will be holding an informational session Monday, Dec. 7 at 4 p.m. in the Tubac room of the Student Union for anyone interested in volunteering for Summer 2010 programs.

The picture of the street kids and the work being done for them described in the article (taking children to health clinics, teaching English, reading and writing) is completely unrelated to SIC. The club associated with helping these children (“”while the club focused on Africa this semester, its goal is to work in a different region every semester””) is the recognized club on campus, AID (Americans for Informed Democracy), whose president, Ivvette Rios, happens to be a former SIC volunteer. While volunteering in Tanzania for SIC, Ivvette and others met these street kids, and since returning to UA have put AID’s focus on raising funds for these children. It is important to note, however, that her work with these children was outside of SIC work.

Lastly, the club information session advertised at the bottom of the article is not for SIC, but for AID — the event is a fundraiser for these children, who need a great deal of support, so please come!

Emmanuelle Fahey

UNLV loss is not the end of the road for Wildcats

The game Wednesday night was another heartbreaking loss for Wildcat fans, but it was a hard-fought battle against a top-25 UNLV, so the fans shouldn’t be ashamed of the Wildcats’ efforts. We as fans have to be patient with this team, and not jump to the normal conclusions of “”oh, we suck”” or “”these guys aren’t even worth watching.”” The team is so young, with only two upperclassmen, Horne and Wise, playing significant minutes, that there’s still a huge learning curve. If you watch head coach Sean Miller on the sideline, you can see him coaching the younger guys at every single timeout, and during every single possession. Derrick Williams is already an absolute beast and fan favorite, and he’s only going to get better, which is scary for Pac-10 opponents.

Basically this team will go as far as Nic Wise can take them. If he struggles with the outside shot as he did Wednesday night, which shouldn’t happen too often, then we’re going to be hard pressed to win a game. I was impressed with the crowd Wednesday night, and it seemed like the student section got louder as the second half and overtimes progressed. Yes, it was an extremely disappointing loss, but it’s still a good learning experience against a good team, and with more experience, these guys will be able to pull out these close games at the end. I have full confidence that by the second half of the season Miller will have the team prepared to make a run in the Pac-10 conference.


Rick Redmond

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