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Soundbites: Feb. 2

Violence goes beyond debate regarding gun legislation

Stop looking to stricter gun laws to solve the issues of violence like the shooting of 19 innocent people in front of a grocery store. What’s amazing is that in the wake of such tragic events, time and time again, the news media fails to address the larger issue and instead jumps on the gun-law bandwagon, arguing for or against.  

What’s always missing is a broader discussion of violence in American society. According to a 2002 workshop conducted by the National Institute of Justice, “”(gender) is the most co air jordan retros 3 nsistent variable across all forms of violence. Men commit more violence than women.”” Men are 10 times more likely to act violently, according to the study.

Yes, Jared Loughner’s alleged actions may not directly relate if he has a mental disorder, but the tragedy still affords responsible media an opportunity to examine this glaring fact.

I’m not about to stand on my soapbox and tell you to sell your Xbox or PS3 and get rid of all your violent games, claiming that will solve the problem, or to burn those angry head-banging CDs.

There is no quick fix. There is not one element that rises above all the others, and no element that makes a person commit violent acts. But each piece — increasing amounts of violence in movies and video games, socially acceptable violent language, perpetuation by the media that somehow violence makes men more, well, manly — all of these add up over the years of a developing man’s life and create a belief system that, given the right motivation, allow the man to justify committing violent acts.

Violent acts don’t require a gun. Sure, stricter gun laws might be part of the solution — but the key here is “”part.”” More laws are not the solution. And until we wake up and realize that a complete overhaul of the social stereotypical view of what it means to be a man in America is in order, men will, with or without access to guns, continue to commit acts of violence in all forms.

— Tim Glass is the photo editor of Daily Wildcat. He can be reached at


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