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    Pulse of the Pac: Nov. 18

    This week we’ve discussed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery, the Russell Pearce recall and ASUA’s inactivity. Meanwhile the rest of the Pac-12 touched on medical marijuana, McDonald’s and a weak GOP: presidential field.

    The State Press
    Arizona State University

    The ongoing medical marijuana debate continues, and, like many other political arguments, it could benefit from a timeout for more reflection and research. As a registered Independent voter, I cast a “no” vote on Prop 203 last year because I was uncomfortable with marijuana … The only experience I have with the substance is smelling its pungent odor near university residence halls.

    There could be reason for voters and politicians to reconsider this issue because of the potential changes the regulated medical marijuana industry could create in our troubled economy and uneasy health care system … One of the major issues facing legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes lies in the plant’s longstanding subculture of recreational use.

    For many, there is a disconnect between those who would like to try cannabis as a natural, gentler means of relief from debilitating diseases and conditions such as cancer, severe arthritis and PTSD and those who are looking for an easier way to get high … Medical marijuana marketers must work on creating more credibility through a stronger ethos that proves it is separate from marijuana subculture … Determining the disputed addictive qualities of THC, the active chemical in cannabis, must be researched in order for voters and politicians to trust the plant … Medical marijuana can become a reality if there is a sense of control over the drug. Knowledge can combat the notion that medical marijuana is a back door to complete legalization.

    — “A weed by another name” by Jennifer Gunther

    The Daily Barometer
    Oregon State University

    McDonald’s is one of the smartest businesses around. They play with our minds and make us slaves to the burger-flippin’ gods. The fast-food chain is a staple of American gluttony, one that has spread to other countries like some kind of plague. We put McDonald’s on the same pedestal as baseball and apple pie (which they sell).

    Yet, the restaurant uses Americans the same way a bridezilla uses her bridesmaids. We are under Ronald’s big, blood red shoe as he pressures us to buy another burger…Some people may notice that Ronald, the burger-loving clown, has disappeared from the spotlight, letting the restaurant appeal to the older audiences. Have fear — this new appeal is a giant net to catch the next generation in a trap. We will start bending to the power of McDonald’s and once we cannot say no to a McTasty, Ronald will reappear…I warn everyone about this plot now because McDonald’s has now launched its ultimate weapon of mass destruction: the McRib …It is all a power play, one that makes us realize who the dog and master is. Every time they bring the sandwich around, our leash gets shorter and shorter. Soon the sandwich will come back in return for favors (and not the kind Herman Cain asks for)

    — “McAmerica: The dystopia of our future” by Jared Wright

    Daily Emerald
    University of Oregon

    I don’t know how much longer I can subject myself to the pissing contest that is the Republican presidential field. Choosing between “old guard” Republicans like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich and Tea Party favorites like Herman Cain and “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann makes one thing come to mind: Is this really the best group of candidates the Republicans can field? … Not that I lean toward Republican politics in the first place, but this is just a train wreck. Good for Jon Stewart, bad for the American public. What if one of these clowns actually gets elected? … First on the list is Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whose charming drawl can no longer save him from the factual errors he has made on the campaign trail and his laughable performance in all of the Republican debates … Next in the lineup is Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. This man was the ‘flavor of the week’ as the pundits said. He claims to be a Washington outsider but not by choice … Bachmann needs little introduction, but at the risk of sounding like I’m making personal attacks on GOP hopefuls, she is a low-rent Sarah Palin with even less standing and no clue whatsoever on how to run the world’s most powerful nation …It looks as if the Republicans’ worst fear is on the horizon. All of the not-Romney candidates are falling one-by-one, and they have nobody to blame but themselves.

    — “GOP field running thin” by Ian McKivor

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