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    Showing your skivvies ‘indecent exposure’

    This letter is in response to the baggy pants article and the letter written in by Tiffany Shucart.

    I am rather offended when I go walking around Tucson and many other cities and happen to look ahead and see nothing but underwear flashing at me from the person walking in front of me. I would rather have gone through my happy day and not have found out what brand or color of underwear the person in front has decided to blend or clash for that day. The very fact that they are showing their underwear is indecent exposure. I don’t care what race, age, gender or nationality you are, I don’t need to see your skivvies. I sure don’t go walking around town in my underwear nor do I show a thong or a butt crack. It is one thing if your boxers stick up a little and you bend over so your boxers flash. It is another thing when you have your pants around your kneecaps with a belt that can’t do it’s job of keeping the pants from being around your ankles (and you end up still having to hold your pants up).

    Then again, it is rather humorous to see the people on “”COPS”” try to run from the officer and end up tripping on their own clothing. Hmm, indecent exposure or watch people make fools of themselves. Choices, choices!

    Kimberly Clark

    Credit companies should be exposed

    Thank you so much for reprinting the New York Times credit editorial (“”Campus credit crisis”” yesterday). This is a huge problem that has been ignored for too long. Credit card companies lure students in with free gifts and don’t tell students that their terms will trap us into a cycle of debt.

    The average student graduates college with $4,000 in credit debt, often because credit is used to pay for books and even tuition! One-third of all credit card companies can jack up the interest rate on their cards if a consumer is late paying on a completely unrelated account, like a phone bill.

    This semester ASUA and Students for Arizona PIRG are working to expose credit card companies’ shady practices on campus while working to end their aggressive marketing tactics and reducing exposure to their unfair practices at the UA.

    We’ll be doing “”counter-“” credit card marketing to spoof credit card vendors and educate the campus through the mock campaign for FEESA (get it?). If you’d like to get involved in some of the many opportunities in this campaign please stop by the ASUA office.

    Christiana Mercer
    Students for Arizona PIRG

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