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    See if these ideas make the grade

    FAIL: Desecrating a day of remembrance
    The array of speakers at the Alumni Plaza on Monday alternately protesting and praising current political leaders did a disservice to their respective organizations, not to mention America in general. Sept. 11 should be a day of remembrance and reflection, not political jockeying. There are many other days in the year to garner support for your favorite political faction. Using Sept. 11 as a tool for protest and praise is just plain wrong. For using the deaths of thousands as political leverage, those who used Sept. 11 as a political platform earn themselves a fail.

    PASS: Bringing back our faith in the system
    Associated Students of the University of Arizona is already making up for time lost in last year’s scandal bonanza. A month into the school year, the organization is already more visible on campus, showing involvement with and sensitivity to actual student needs by working hard to find unique ways to address issues like overpriced textbooks. We’re excited about the plan to create a textbook reserve at the library and the pursuit of realistic solutions to overpriced books, like ensuring that professors order their books earlier in the semester. For rekindling our hope in the organization this semester, ASUA and its textbook plans get a pass.

    UA astronomy department keeps the hits coming

    UA astronomy professors and researchers are making so many front-page appearances, we’re having a hard time keeping track. UA professors are beginning work on a telescope that NASA will launch in order to get a close look at distant galaxies. And the UA will also be the first university to lead a mission to Mars. The mission will send a research vessel to the red planet in order to learn about the history of water on the planet and its potential for habitability. These scientists are not only adding to the knowledge of the universe here on planet Earth, but they’re contributing to the UA’s excellent reputation worldwide. UA astronomers get a pass.

    A second act for UApresents

    UApresents has long been a somewhat troubled child in the UA departmental family. Though we love the plays and musical performances that UApresents brings to campus, it’s been difficult to deal with the knowledge that the organization amassed one of the largest debts of any UA department. However, President Robert Shelton seems to believe that, like any troubled child, UApresents can turn its act around with a little discipline and a little understanding; his recent loan to the program offers both. UApresents must stay in the black for the next two years, as well as develop a plan for repaying the loan. We’re glad UApresents didn’t get the axe, but also glad that it will need to reform its debt-accumulating ways. For keeping UApresents afloat for a little while, we give Shelton’s loan a pass.

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