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    Super Cool News: The best places to have a mental breakdown on campus

    Nick Smallwood
    Michaela Harrington, a Dance and Neuroscience freshman, cries in a library study room while studying for finals.

    Super Cool News is a new Daily Wildcat feature that shares the, yes, coolest news happening around town and around the country. Try not to take what its writers have to say too literally.

    Everyone’s favorite time of the year has arrived: spring semester finals.

    Remember all those careless days in the fall, drinking on Tuesday nights and missing your 8 a.m. nearly every other day? Well, as shit got real this semester, things started to fall apart for most. Finals are here, which means it’s about time for the annual end-of-the-year breakdown.

    Breakdowns can manifest themselves in different ways: crying in a fetal position, punching walls or even primal screaming.

    To participate in the UA’s Finals Survival Week, the Daily Wildcat has picked out the best places on campus to have that inevitable breakdown. When you find yourself going on eight hours in the library, take a break, let out your stress and despair and hit up one of these cool spots.

    For those who spend their time on the west side of campus—or were unlucky enough to get a pass for this garage—the top of the Tyndall Avenue Garage doubles as a place to sit in a car and listen to sad ’90s rock songs and regret life decisions. The incredible view of campus will remind students of their crumbling GPA. The best part is it’s usually completely empty, so there’s no need to worry about someone seeing you.

    If you can’t stop studying to take a quick break, then reserve an independent study room at the library. The UA Main Library has tons of them, and they can easily be reserved. Other than people who glance in from the small window on the door, the room keeps your breakdown out of sight.

    For nature type, take a trip to the Highland Bowl in between cramming for finals to casually break down. Instead of pulling your hair out due to unhealthy levels of stress, opt to hang out at the Highland Bowl and viciously pull grass out instead. Don’t mind the people slacklining next to you—they get it.

    If you happen to experience a tragic loss to a D2L submission deadline while eating in the Student Union Memorial Center, take a trip to the bathroom in Old Main. First off, these bathrooms are super clean—your tuition money hard at work—but more importantly, no one ever goes in them. I don’t even think the people who work in Old Main know they exist. The bathrooms serve as a great place to scream out your frustrations or dramatically look in a mirror before turning and punching a wall. You know—college stuff.

    For the crying types, definitely hit up the pool at the Student Recreation Center. The hot weather is back, so it’s the perfect time to go to the pool. Swimming not only releases endorphins, but also camouflages the tears streaming down your face. It’s really a win-win.

    To achieve the most angsty college breakdown, take a few steps off campus to the nearest 7-Eleven. Aggressively down a Slurpee while devouring a couple of stale donuts behind the store to really get the full experience. That mysterious guy chain-smoking a pack of cigarettes next to you may seem like he has it all together, but don’t worry, he’s been there. We’ve all been there.

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