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    Who, What, Wear: September 22


    Compiled by Ian Martella / The Daily Wildcat

    1. Jewell Finder, computer science freshman

    How would you say that your outfit makes you feel today?
    “Generally, all my clothes kind of make me feel more confident. I guess today it’s a little bit hot, and the denim kind of keep the heat in, but it’s comfortable and I feel like it expresses who I am.”

    Can you describe your outfit for us?
    “It’s like a black and white striped dress with a belt around the waist and a denim jacket with black heels. My bag is black… vinyl? I don’t know. It’s got a longer strap and buckles. I’ve had it for a couple of years now.”

    Do you do a lot of rhinestones?
    “I didn’t do any of these studs or rhinestones, but I do sew a lot. Actually, last night, I was sewing and I made this white leather underskirt with another skirt that goes over the top of it that’s like a really sheer material that’s got rhinestone patterns on it. I’ve always liked costuming but didn’t actually get into it until November of last year.”

    Are you dressed for anything in particular?
    “Today, actually, I went to church, but I’m a big fan of Lolita-y fashion. I wear whatever I want, whenever I want.”

    2. Dia de la Vina, cultural anthropology junior

    How would you say your clothes make you feel today?
    “Comfortable, I guess. Relaxed.”

    Describe your outfit for us.
    “I’m wearing a pair of high rise, paisley, cotton vintage shorts that I got in Honolulu. I’m wearing peep-toe, leather … I don’t really know what to call these, they’re … like little slippers. I’m wearing a white ribbed undershirt, with a kind of casual denim button-up. My bag is a mini leather backpack from the ’80s, and it’s got a map/atlas print on the leather. My glasses are faux wooden Quay.”

    Would you say you try to go for a certain style?
    “I’ve always been interested in vintage. I actually buy for a store in Honolulu, so that’s where I get a lot of my stuff. And I work across the street at Swindlers, which is a contemporary retail store. It’s got definitely a young, edgier, college-girl demographic. I like to take pieces that are older and more well-made, and they’re easier for me to find and more cost effective. And then take pieces like this [denim button up], which is a more contemporary piece, and make the whole thing look more modern.”

    3. Kira Fargas-Mabaquiao, dance freshman

    How would you say your clothes make you feel today?
    “My clothes make me feel comfortable. The romper I’m wearing is kind of still friendly because it’s so hot in Arizona, and the boots just give it a little edge so I don’t look extremely girly.”

    Describe your outfit for us.
    “My boots are maroon [Dr.] Martens, and I just got them. They’re matte, so they’re not like super shiny. The romper I’m wearing is blue, it has these little pink flowers on it and a low back. My bag is Kelly & Katie, and I got it from a shoe store. It was pretty inexpensive. I’d say it’s matte as well with gold trimming.”

    Would you say there’s a particular style you go for?
    “I think I’m more of a free spirit, definitely. I wouldn’t say I try to be different, but I don’t really like to wear stuff that everyone else wears. Sometimes you get really funny looks here when you dress like everyone else, but I don’t really care.”

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