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“Hasta la vista, House Dems”

I’m starting to feel like John Connor.

Any time I hear my friends or strangers talk about politics; I feel a creeping sense of inevitability that prevents me from feeling motivated to contribute.

My peers comment on all the “”awesome stuff Obama’s going to be able to do in the second half of his term”” with the enthusiasm of those completely oblivious to what an evil military wireless network has in store for them.

“”Wait,”” I attempt to ask with a furrowed brow, “”who’s passing what?””

Just look at the numbers. I have detailed files.

First off, both the Rasmussmen Report and The Huffington Post’s “””” predicts the same thing: the Republicans are gettin’ some, Senate seats-wise, pushing their numbers to 48 in total.

This would leave their Democrat rivals with an equal or slightly lower number of seats, making the president’s health care-passing glory days are at their end.

Yes, I’ll concede, “”polls are polls.”” However, with all the attention this November election is building from usurp-hopeful Republican candidates, it’s obvious that some of the Senatorial boys of blue are updating their resume and drafting concession speeches in their sleep.

Even Messiah Barack Obama and Vice-Messiah Joe Biden have stepped into stem the red tide. An Oct. 5 article from The New York Times reports that the President’s scolding tone at fund-raisers and rallies “”highlights the depth of disaffection among liberals over what they see as his failure to aggressively push for the change he promised.””

Don’t relax yet, Democrat-leaning Wildcat reader. The GOP surge doesn’t stop there. The same sets of polls predict a final gubernatorial count of Republicans: 29, Democrats: 16, and 5 toss-up states. Zoom in on our own desert Eden if you’d like a preview of the new status quo.

Gov. Jan Brewer is still showing an approval rating of 55 percent, down only 5 percent from right after she signed S.B. 1070 into law, compared to prodigal son Terry Goddard’s 39 percent. Likewise, The New York Times’ gubernatorial election site predicts a 98 percent chance of Brewer keeping her job.

The Republicans are much like the Terminator’s network of machines this year. They are highly motivated to destroy their opposition, they are cooperating like a hive mind, and they probably have little regard for sustainable resources. Likewise, their ascension to dominance is inevitable.

I know that’s bad news for a lot of you. What are you going to do about it? Vote?

Sure. OK.

I’m not saying your vote doesn’t count. It totally does. It’s just probably not going to make a difference. If you really wanted to change the world, you should have started earlier and gotten involved in volunteering for some election campaign instead of going to Club Congress every weekend. Now you’re getting what you deserve.

So get ready for this country getting two, maybe three shades redder in the next few years. Sorry if you’re into gay rights, government-funded civil services, marijuana bills, increased gun control or pro-choice abortion rights. None of that is going to be passing any time soon.

Don’t blame me, my disappointed, left-wing Wildcats. If only you had tried harder.

On the bright side, this will motivate a good deal of you to start protests on Fourth Avenue, since it’s close to the bars. Your tacky, ironic protest signs and brightly colored leggings should lead the police right towards you. YouTube gold is guaranteed to ensue.

 — Remy Albillar is a senior majoring in English and creative writing. He can be reached at

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