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    “On the spot: Kevin Wodd, Pharmacy freshman”

    Let’s go streaking.

    I’m already sick. I don’t need another cold.

    You don’t want to run through the puddles?

    No. That’s not really my thing.

    So, even if you weren’t sick, you wouldn’t think about doing it?

    Streaking? No. It’s not really something I ever plan on doing.

    Have you ever witnessed a streaking incident?

    Yeah, actually. It was awkward.

    What happened?

    It was at my high school graduation. This kid grabbed his diploma, wasn’t wearing anything underneath and just ran away. It was pretty gross.

    If you were going to disrupt some sort of public ceremony, but you didn’t want to streak, what kind of disruption would you make?

    Uh, I don’t know. Just some sort of loud exit, I guess. Leaving abruptly. I don’t really try to upset people a lot.

    OK. If you didn’t have to be involved at all, what kind of major disruption would you like to witness?

    Some sort of large choreographed, orchestrated thing. I don’t really care what

    it is. Just something where a lot of people are involved.

    Have you seen those public freezing events where everyone freezes in one location for a few minutes?

    I’ve seen them on the Internet. Yeah, something like that would be cool.

    If you had to wear a costume around school for a day, what kind of costume would you wear?

    I’d probably be Daniel Day Lewis from “”Gangs of New York.”” His character is Bill the Butcher. He looks badass, and he carries around knives. It’s probably not a really safe costume for school, so I don’t know.

    Would you get really into the character, or would you just dress like him?

    Probably just dress like him.

    And, you’d go to your pharmacy classes…

    With blood-stained aprons and stuff.

    Is that fitting for a pharmacy class?

    No. Not at all. (Laughs)

    —Katie Gault

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