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    Police Beat

    Police cited a 19-year-old man for riding twice the posted speed limit on his motorcycle July 2.

    When UAPD stopped him, the man told police that he was “”late to get back to work”” and that his “”bike is too fast.””

    A UA employee reported to police that someone had been defecating in trash cans in restrooms at the Learning Services building, 1512 E. First St., during the week before July 2 between the hours of 3-11 a.m.

    A UA custodian told the employee that on numerous occasions, an unknown person or persons had defecated in trash cans in the women’s restrooms on all three floors of the building.

    The restrooms are accessible on the outside of the building on every floor and only by key. The key, which opens all three of the restrooms, is available to anyone who asks for it at any of the three floors’ reception desks without needing to sign out for it.

    Police advised the employee that additional patrols of the building would be requested and suggested that the restrooms be re-keyed and the keys only be lent out via signing them out.

    A female student saw two men urinating in public and throwing rocks at the UA Residence Life building, El Portal, 501 N. Highland Ave., a few minutes before 9 p.m. July 1.

    The police contacted the men, ages 29 and 25, when a police aide saw the two wrestling on the sidewalk between North Park and North Fremont avenues. Both men were intoxicated and possibly under the influence of a drug.

    The 29-year-old was “”very animated and jumpy, had red eyes and was having trouble maintaining his train of thought.”” The younger man had “”thick speech,”” red eyes, was angry and was having a hard time communicating coherently. Both were released at that time.

    Police then went to speak to the witness, who said the 29-year-old had removed his shirt and urinated in the rocks next to the building. The other man then came along, and she said she thought they both threw rocks at the building’s windows, but was not sure. She said the men left after throwing the rocks.

    The student was given a witness statement to turn in at a later time. The police made contact again with the men at North Euclid Avenue and East Sixth Street and placed the 29-year-old under arrest for trespassing in the third degree and “”criminal littering (urine).”” The officer found the spot where the man was supposedly urinating and found a damp spot on UA property, a window with fresh marks on it, and a rock in the bushes beneath the window, also with fresh marks.

    Criminal charges from the rock throwing are pending arrival of the witness’ statement.

    An 18-year-old man was detained, but then released, by UAPD officers July 1, for questioning in a domestic-violence call June 30 when the officers were called to help Tucson Police Department officers in a search for the suspect.

    The UAPD officers smelled marijuana smoke near East Seventh Street and North Tyndall Avenue but could not trace it back to a specific location. The officers, who had with people smoking marijuana in the nearby wash area, went into the area and found an 18-year-old, who, upon identification, turned out to be the man wanted on the domestic-violence case involving him and his girlfriend from the night before.

    The police held him and called TPD. UAPD officers were then told that there were no cars available to take the subject. A TPD officer advised the UAPD officers to release the man and that they would follow up with him later.

    The man was released with instructions from TPD not return to his girlfriend’s home. An Attempt to Locate order, out since the domestic-violence incident, is still in effect for the man.

    A man was caught trying to fool police after he hit another car with his own the afternoon of June 30.

    The man, driving a gold-colored 2004 Pontiac four-door sedan westbound on East Drachman Street, struck a black 2002 Ford four-door sedan just after 2 p.m., when he ran through the stop sign. The cars struck at their front ends and were pushed together by the inertia of the accident.

    The man repositioned his vehicle to deceive investigators, but later admitted doing that and also running the stop sign. He was cited for failure to stop at a stop sign and failure to yield the right of way from a stop sign. He was released.

    Two 19-year-old men were seen kneeling before a graffiti picture on the top level of the Main Gate Garage, 815 E. Second St., near midnight June 30.

    When the men became aware of police, one of them threw something under a nearby white car and they both stood up. When police asked what they were doing, they said they were just talking.

    The police officer looked at the wall where the two had been kneeling and saw a picture drawn in green marker. Looking under the white car, the officer found a green Sharpie. When asked, one of the men admitted to drawing the picture. Both were arrested and separated.

    One of the men admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the evening and told the officer that he had more marijuana in the passenger door pocket of the white vehicle. The officer found the marijuana, some rolling papers and two “”Kingpin”” brand “”blunt containers.”” The other man refused to answer questions.

    The police officer searched the rest of the car, which belonged to the graffitist’s mother, and found an empty bag with some marijuana residue. The graffitist admitted ownership of the bag.

    Both men were charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The graffitist was also charged with criminal damage.

    Also found and confiscated was a pack of graffiti drawings attached to a clipboard. The officer thought the packet could link the men to other graffiti on campus.

    A man was arrested for shoplifting more than $400 worth of books from the UA Bookstore, 1209 E. University Blvd., on the morning of June 29 after the store security guard watched him on the store’s security cameras.

    As seen on the security tape, the man, 38, went into the store and started browsing for books, picking them up and immediately turning them over to check the price. He then either put the book back or added it to his stack. After collecting six books, the man went and sat down near the main doors of the store. He then left the books there and went up to a cashier and asked for a clear UA Bookstore shopping bag. The cashier complied.

    The man went back to the seating area, put the books into the bag and left without paying for the books. Security followed him out of the store and down to a bench at the southeast corner of North Park Avenue and East James E. Rogers Way, where he was later arrested by UAPD for shoplifting and two warrants for failure to appear in the second degree.

    The man said he left without paying because he thought he was in the library.

    A man was reported to be jumping into traffic at North Campbell Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard around 6 p.m. June 27.

    The man told police that he was waiting for a ride. When asked, the man gave the officer his name, which could not be found in Motor Vehicle Department records. The man then gave his date of birth as June 6, 1983, but said he was 23 years old. Again, no record was found.

    Even when warned by police that giving a false name could get him arrested, the man insisted on the name and birth date he gave.

    A few moments later, a TPD officer arrived to assist and, recognizing the man, was able to give the man’s true name. Using a previous booking photo, the man was positively identified. His birth date turned out to be June 6, 1984.

    Also discovered were two misdemeanor warrants. The man was arrested on those warrants and also for failure to provide a truthful name and false reporting to law enforcement.

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