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    LMFAO and Shwayze ready to party at Rialto

    If you’re a hip-hop fan, go ahead and program your address into your cell phone now; after the party-rock comrades LMFAO and Shwayze turn the Rialto into a bass-bumpin’, self-medicated rave tomorrow night, you probably wont be in any position to drive home.

    You may have seen the rambunctious young Shwayze on MTV or heard one of his laid-back rock/hip-hop compilations with guitarist Cisco Adler like “”Polaroid”” or “”Buzzin'”” on the radio, but only a live show can truly communicate the essence of partying that lies at the core of many of the rapper’s semi-autobiographical lyrics. When asked about the source of the party-hearty themes that run through his songs, Shwayze told the Wildcat “”As a musician I just get inspired by everything, … Parties, life in general, just everything.””

    Shwayze, who grew up in a Malibu trailer park community that afforded him the opportunity to meet a legend in kickin’ back, Cheech Marin, has always been enamored with music. “”My first childhood dream I think was to be a musician … like a singer, probably because I loved the Jackson 5,”” the rapper said. As early as middle school he was joining choirs (“”Obviously because of all the girls there””), but it wasn’t until after high school when Shwayze met guitarist/producer Cisco Adler that his dream began to take shape.

    Adler, a UA alum and the former frontman of the rock outfit Whitestarr, spent a summer with Shwayze hitting up the beaches of Malibu, attending various parties and formulating their good-time musical philosophy. Years later, Adler reflects on the wild times he and the young rapper have shared: “”It’s been lovely, man, it’s been a wild year. We’ve been working together for about two-and-a-half years, but the first year was just us having fun … and just recording whenever we got the chance. When this sort of took off, it sort of took us with it.””

    When things did take off, they led to Shwayze’s acclaimed, self-titled first album, a legion of fans looking for a good time, and above all, a beautiful partnership. “”Cisco’s a genius, you know with all his production,”” said Shwayze. “”We’re in the studio right now working on our new record, and I’m really looking forward for it to get here. You know our first record was just all like the summertime, but this next record is just all across the board.””

    Cisco also has high hopes for the duo’s new project. “”Wait till you hear this new record – you’re gonna flip. Whatever talk you’ve heard about it, it’s just gonna shatter it.”” Shwayze added that they would be featuring two songs from their new album at tomorrow’s Rialto performance.

    But Shwayze and Cisco are not the only party-rockin’ duo to get Tucson pumped tomorrow; RedFoo and his nephew Sky Blu will also be representing the wilder side of life as LMFAO. The band describes themselves as “”Two party animals going crazy on stage, singin’ electro hip-hop, and drinkin’,”” and their music is an accurate reflection of this.

    Most well-known for their celebratory single “”I’m in Miami Bitch””, Foo and Sky live by a philosophy very similar to the Shwayze model. “”Miami was a huge, huge inspiration,”” said Sky Blu. “”We actually wrote that song before we went down there in ’07, and it was exactly what we had felt it was in the song. We went out there, we drank all day, played all night, got it poppin’ with all the nice little ladies out there, and when we left we decided that we gotta’ live our life partying and making people happy, creating music and doing what we love.””

    As Sky Blu’s uncle (though close in age), RedFoo has much to teach his party animal protégé. “”Foo is definitely someone I’ve learned a lot from about music and stuff,”” Blu said of his uncle’s influence. “”It’s almost like he’s Yoda and I’m Luke Skywalker. He really knows what he’s talking about, and I’m the student, you could say.””

    “”That’s a good analogy,”” Foo added. “”However, naked I do not look like Yoda.””

    When asked about what guidance he’s been able to impart to his nephew since the boys have gotten big, Foo answered with an anecdote. “”I lost a bet (with Sky) and had to drink four shots of Bacardi 151, and I almost lost my mind and went insane that night. (Sky Blu) learned from playing this joke on me that you should never give a human four shots of 151 in a row.”” Foo laughed before adding, “”I’m like his crash dummy.”” Footage of the incident is allegedly available on

    So, how do the combined free-wheeling forces of Shwayze and LMFAO feel about bringing the party to T-town? Shwayze says, “”It’s gonna be some craziness, and we always have a good time at every one of our shows. There’s always a lot of girls, and it’s just rockin’, man.””

    According to Sky Blu, “”Tucson has some cute girls and some real party people. Last time we were here (at Gentle Ben’s) there were people at the front of the stage just going crazy!””

    Added UA alum Cisco Adler, “”I love it personally because (I went to school here), but it’s just a fun town, so it’s twofold for me. As far as Shwayze fans and the people go, it’s always … just a good time.””

    Absorb the message of these pioneers of party rock, these crusaders of crunk, and head over to the Rialto tomorrow at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $24 at the door, and include opening sets from Chris Young, Tha Formula, and Silver Medallion. In the meantime, heed the advice of a former UA student turned rocker, and “”Bear the fuck down!””

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