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    Head-to-toe fashion don’ts for the gents

    Just because some guys can wake up 20 minutes before class, roll out of bed and throw on a shirt without so much as looking at themselves in the mirror doesn’t mean they should. Though the phrases “fashion forward” and “well-dressed” are usually applied to women’s fashion, there is no reason that men cannot flaunt their signature styles as well. The problem with some popular men’s trends is that they are the farthest thing from fashionable. Here is a detailed dissection of the top fashion mistakes men make:

    Mullets: They were a mistake in the ‘80s and they’re a mistake now. For whatever reason, guys think that they can pull off the calm, cool sexiness of Uncle Jesse from “Full House” if they just mimic his hairstyle. Unfortunately, the guys end up looking more like Joe Dirt. In our modern world, a mullet conflicts with sophistication, coolness and self-confidence. It no longer says, “business in the front, party in the back.” It now says “I’m ridiculous.”

    Affliction or Ed Hardy T-shirts: Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these busy T-shirts have got to go. Except for on cast members of “Jersey Shore,” or those contractually bound to these brands, Affliction and Ed Hardy remain fashion don’ts. It is much more attractive when guys wear label-free clothing, or at least clothing where the labels aren’t in neon yellow; it exudes simple sophistication. Plus, in this stage of our lives, we do not need Affliction plastered across our chests to feel cool — or at least we shouldn’t. Confidence and self-worth are enough.

    Cargo shorts: There was a time when cargo shorts were the ultimate necessity for all preppy guys. That time has ended. These contraptions are equipped with enough compartments to hold every possession you own and the pockets themselves are big enough to house a small child. The once popular cargo shorts have been replaced by slim, chic men’s shorts that are a lot less bulky and a lot more attractive.

    Toe shoes: Vibram FiveFingers, Skele-Toes, toe shoes: no matter the name, they are a fashion faux pas. These hideous “barefoot” shoes are to fashion what kryptonite is to Superman. Bad news.

    Despite the unfashionable look, Jeff Gluck, an aerospace engineering junior and fitness fanatic, swears by them. “I used to work out barefoot because when you do that it helps you strengthen the stabilizing muscles that would be neutralized wearing normal athletic shoes. I got kicked out of a couple gyms for going barefoot so I figured I should try them,” Gluck said.

    Gluck would highly recommend them to anyone, insisting that they improve the health of your feet. “I don’t wear them for the fashion,” he said. “It’s a shoe that is more for function than fashion.”
    — Ashley Pearlstein is a journalism junior. She can be reached at

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