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    “When you catch yourself asking, wtf? remember this book”

    In situations such as waiting at a red light at night for five minutes, or your lover answering the phone during sex, you might just ask yourself, WTF?

    “”WTF? How to Survive 101 of Life’s Worst F*#!-ing Situations”” by Gregory Bergman and Anthony W. Haddad, answers these questions with several options ranging from looking carefully for cops and booking it through the light to changing that poorly timed phone call into a sex game.

    The book, written mostly from and for the male perspective, has 10 chapters ranging from “”The Everydays of Life”” to “”Tech Troubles.””

    Though the advice shouldn’t be taken seriously, the book provides hilarious unpractical options we only daydream of.

    In chapter five, “”Traveling at Home and Abroad,”” WTF number 53 first suggests, when someone cuts you off in traffic, give them the bird. However, option three suggests, if you happen to be an international spy, hit the oil-slick button once you are in front of the guy and watch him spin out of control. Revenge can be sweet.

    Or take the 27th WTF situation in chapter two, “”Out on the Town,”” when you’re in the 10 items or less line and the jerk in front of you has 11 items. The only option is to call them out, even if it’s an elderly lady with four cans of cat food, two bags of eucalyptus mints, a box of Cream of Wheat, pickled beats, Ovaltine, prune juice and mint jelly. After all, they are a cheating rule breaker and cheating is wrong.

    Be sure not to skip over chapter seven, “”In the Bedroom,”” as the situations detail the average college male’s experience, like situation number 64 – waking up to a 2 at 10 a.m. when you were sharing the bed with a 10 at 2 a.m. Or how about situation number 72, when the ladies call you the “”one-minute man.””

    Though the tips in the 231 pages of “”WTF?”” are often satisfying in a cheap therapeutic, slightly offensive and occasionally illegal way, they lack real depth or worldly insight, but I guess that is why this book is more of a bathroom read than a life altering experience.

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