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    Fall’s in full swing with these accessories


    As a college student I don’t make much money, but sometimes I prefer to buy a fashion magazine instead of dinner regardless — It feeds me more.

    Fashion is not just one of my hobbies, or interests. Fashion and the industry surrounding it is shaping my future. But as much as I keep up with fashion as a whole, I still rely on a few key items in my wardrobe to maintain my personal style, no matter how other trends may be changing — and I’m sure they can help you too.

    Like most people, I have my closet staples, those accessories or pieces that I just can’t live without. Unfortunately, most female stereotypes also apply to me, especially the notion that girls are obsessed with shoes. My favorite types of shoes are oxfords or flats, as they flatter feet very well, though I am a fan of most boots as well.

    I also have a very disturbingly small shoe size, a woman’s 4.5. You may ask, “Do they really make those?” The answer is yes, but very, very rarely.

    Luckily, for us women with small footprints, most secondhand stores or shoe cobblers carry small sizes, and both places are where I find most of my shoes, such as my oxfords and both pairs of brown ankle-high boots. A bonus of shopping at places such as these is it adds points to your indie cred. More importantly though, if you have tiny feet like me, your constant struggle to find good shoes may be over.

    Shoes are all well and good, but my favorite accessories are scarves. If I could be paid in scarves, I’d prefer that. It might mean less fashion magazines, but it’d be worth it. When I am upset, instead imagining myself snuggling puppies and kittens, I snuggle scarves. I try to pair them with every outfit possible in the fall/winter season. Don’t worry, I’m aware I should probably be living somewhere slightly colder, but they’re a great fall accessory. Anthropologie is an ideal place to find scarves, as their scarf styles are simply the most unique.

    But I can’t just wear only a scarf and shoes around as it’s not exactly socially acceptable, so I do actually own real clothing. My favorite pieces would be my loose, distressed mustard yellow cardigan that was purchased at LF Stores, my collared ivory button down dress and my coral dress with doily trim. These garments are great because they are easy to wear and fashion-forward. They are great pieces to layer with and accessorize and could work wonders for you too.

    Every girl should also have a signature scent to pair with their personal style. I am a bit of a perfume enthusiast, but I do have my favorites. Most women also forget that you should change scents seasonally, so be sure to try out a variety of perfumes.

    A stronger scent works better for winter. My personal winter scent is Marc Jacobs’ Lola, because it has heavy notes that are resistant to fading, yet it’s still exceptionally floral.

    I try to define my style as something along the lines of bohemian chic, but knowing what defines your style actually makes it easier to purchase these staples for your closet. As fall/winter collections are spilling into stores now, try to define what your personal style is and find those seasonal staples. You won’t regret it.

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