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    Police Beat

    Driver loses control of vehicle, flees scene
    A man was cited for MIP after his vehicle spun out.

    An officer on patrol noticed a white Jeep traveling at an excessive speed on Cherry Avenue Friday night. He followed the car, which then ran a red light. The officer turned on his lights to pull the car over, after which the car sped up and turned suddenly onto Helen Street. The officer then saw the car turn onto Mountain.

    The officer slowed down and did not pursue the car anymore. The officer reported that he was going to go southbound on Mountain when he saw the Jeep in the wrong lane, stopped in the sreet at a 45-degree angle. The officer approached the car and found it empty. A man was standing near the bumper, swaying. As the officer approached, the man put his hands up in the air and started saying “”I wasn’t driving officer, honest, I wasn’t driving.””

    The officer told the man to sit down on the curb. He asked him for his ID, but the man said it was in the car, so he verbally identified himself to officers. The man told the officer that the Jeep was his, but that he was not driving. He then said that “”this guy I just met at a party was driving,”” but he did not know his name because they had just met. The officer asked him why the car was positioned the way it was. The man told the officer that the man who was driving took the turn too fast and the car spun out. The man who was driving then got out of the car and ran. The owner of the vehicle could not recall which direction the man had run because he was still in shock over the spin-out.

    The officer reported that he smelled an odor of intoxicants coming from the man and that he had red, bloodshot, watery eyes. The man admitted that he had had “”some beers,”” but had not been driving.

    Because the officer could not place the man in actual control of the vehicle, he was cited and released for MIP. The man lived a few blocks away and walked home. His vehicle was secured until he could get it the next day near the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering building.

    Man cited for posession, paraphernalia.
    A man was cited and released for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia Friday

    Police responded to a call about the smell of burnt marijuana at Kaibab-Huachuca dorm. They reported that when they arrived there was a strong smell in the hallway. They located the room which they believed the smell was coming from. A man opened the door and invited the officers inside. They asked him if he knew where the smell was coming from, and he said the hallway. Police noticed a fan blowing air in the direction of the window. The man then told officers that he had been arrested for possession of marijuana in the past and had learned his lesson, so he did not have any marijuana in the room. Officers asked if they could search his room. He said yes.

    After looking in his desk drawer, officer found a sandwich bag with marijuana in it, a plastic bag with marijuana seeds in it, wrapping papers and a metal marijuana grinder with residue in it. The man told officers he obtained the drugs from an unknown person in the UA area.

    He was cited and released and referred to the Dean of Students. The drugs and paraphernalia were taken into custody.

    Woman inebriated after date fails to show
    A student was cited for MIP after she said she was stood up.

    Police responded to an emotional woman in the fourth floor study room of the Coronado dorm Friday night. When they arrived the woman was on the ground, crying. She was very emotional and continued telling officers that she was supposed to meet up with a guy, but he did not show up. She said she then went somewhere and had some drinks. The woman told officers, “”I drank a beer, but that didn’t do shit. I then drank a whole bunch of something – I think vodka.”” Paramedics were called to treat the woman for extreme intoxication. She was treated on scene and taken to her room. During this time she told them, “”I don’t know how I got back here.””

    The woman was cited and released for MIP and referred to the Dean of Students.

    Man’s wallet goes missing from dorm room
    Police responded to a report of a theft in the Coronado dorm Friday.

    A man contacted police after his wallet went missing. The man said that his wallet was on his desk when he went into the bathroom to shave and that he had left the door open “”just a crack.”” When he returned from shaving he saw another resident in his room. The other resident seemed startled and was “”rambling”” about how he had found the man’s roommate’s iPod and turned it into the front desk. The man said he entered the room to see if the roommate was there so he could let him know. The student said his roommate had not come home that night and he would let him know.

    The man then continued talking “”nervously”” to the student about various things. The man then left the room. Shortly after his departure, the student discovered that his wallet was missing and called UAPD. Officers checked to see if an iPod was turned into the front desk, and it had not been. A resident assistant also told police that the man they suspected of stealing the wallet had a former roommate who had complained of numerous things going “”missing”” from their room. He had chosen not to report it to police because the residence hall staff handled the matter.

    At the time of the report police had not been able to contact the man suspected of taking the wallet.

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