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    Police Beat: Aug. 26

    I can see your warrants from my house!

    A UAPD officer was keeping men and women out of the streets during Sorority Bid Day when a group of 10-15 men were standing in the middle of Second Street.

    The officer asked them to move onto the sidewalk. All except one moved. This individual ignored the officer’s instructions three times. He turned his back towards the officer and continued stepping onto the middle of the street even after being warned of getting a citation.

    A second officer instructed him to stay on the curb. As soon as he turned away, the man made hand gestures at the officers while walking from the curb back onto the street twice.

    After the officer decided the man would not follow police instructions, the officers took him aside and explained that the police were present to keep people out of the street so they don’t block traffic or get hit by a car. He told the man his behavior was making the situation difficult.

    At this time, the officer ran a records check on the man. He had a misdemeanor warrant from Pima Community College Police for failure to appear on DUI charges, a misdemeanor warrant from Marana Police for failure to appear on MIP charges, and a misdemeanor warrant from Tucson Police for failure to appear on MIP charges.

    The man was arrested for his confirmed warrants.

    He said he knew of his warrants but missed his court dates because he was home in Alaska. He also stated that his father, the assistant attorney general of Alaska, had told him to take care of the warrants when he returned to school.


    Trash to treasure

    A UAPD officer arrested a man who was digging through a dumpster near Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on Monday on charges of possession of a dangerous drug and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    The officer noticed the man rifling through a dumpster, while a pick-up truck was parked in such a way that it blocked access to the parking lot. The man was transporting items from the dumpster to a vehicle that had pulled in and was waiting for the man to get in. The officer approached the driver and informed him of the UA’s policy on dumpster diving.

    When the officer spoke to the man, he noticed he was sweating heavily, even though the temperature was “”only in the 90s,”” the man was visibly nervous and unable to sit still as the officer asked him for his driver’s license to identify him. From the officer’s experience, he believed the man was showing signs and symptoms of methamphetamine ingestion.

    The man was identified and, at first, was unclear about who the car belonged to. He was finally able to inform the officer that the vehicle belonged to his ex-wife.

    The man presented the officer with boxer shorts he had retrieved from the dumpster, saying they were for his daughter. The officer asked the man to step out of the vehicle for inspection. He then  asked the man if there was anything within the vehicle he should know about. The man replied no, and gave the officer his consent to look through the  car.

    The officer found a small zip-lock bag containing methamphetamine in the center console, as well as an unknown plant substance in a small baggie that had a marijuana pattern on it. The man said that he didn’t buy the meth and hadn’t used since Friday, when his friend brought some over. He said he was on his way to the UMC to visit someone. The man was arrested and the vehicle, belonging to his ex-wife, was towed and stored.


    It’s a privilege to pee

    A UAPD officer saw a man near the Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall walk toward the dorm and disappear behind a wall and trash dumpster at around 12:45 a.m. The officer got out of his car and followed him. He found him facing the wall, his hands near the zipper of his pants. It appeared to the officer that the man was urinating upon  the wall.

    The male saw the officer and appeared surprised. He made a motion that looked like he was zipping up his pants.

    The officer asked him what he was doing, and he said, “”pissing on the wall.”” A smell of intoxicants was detectable from the man, and he had bloodshot eyes. A breathalyzer test showed a presence of alcohol. The man was cited and recorded by the officer.


    A man walks into an elevator…

    At around 7 p.m. on Aug. 23, a UAPD officer headed towards an elevator in one of the math departments after receiving notice that a man was stuck inside an elevator.

    When he reached the elevator, he could make out the voice of the man inside. He asked if he was okay. The man responded that yes, he was okay, and the officer asked if he was able to push the button on the elevator.

    After a number of attempts which barely opened the doors, they were able to get them to open. The man inside identified himself with an Arizona driver’s license and stated he was fine.

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