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Letters from Mallory Hawkins

If you’ve spent any time in a department store lately, you might be convinced otherwise, but Thanksgiving, not Christmas, is a mere week away. Generally, during this time of year, I am so caught up in writing papers and studying for finals that the only thing I am thankful for is a night with more than five hours of sleep. But this year, I would like to pay homage to the things for which I, as a UA student, am eternally thankful.   

1. Facebook’s Live News Feed — I am grateful for the alibi this feature provides me. When my friends ask how I know that Hottie McHott has a new girlfriend, I no longer have to admit that rather than writing any one of my five-page papers due next week, I spent three hours creeping on Facebook last night. I can simply say, “”Oh yeah, I think I saw that on my news feed”” and no one will question it.

2. People running to class with backpacks bouncing in every direction — Thank you for reminding me that there are priorities far more important than caring about what people think of you.

3. College Fashion — I am willing to bet good money that what is acceptable in college would be severely frowned upon in the work force. Don’t believe me? Tell me then, when was the last time you saw a businessman wearing a tank top and high socks with vans? I am sure it was around the same time you saw a powerful woman in the workforce wearing stretched-out spandex mistakenly worn as pants with a bun on top of her head that screams, “”I haven’t washed my hair in at least a week.”” So the next time you put on your jorts or Uggs, you can be thankful you’re in college and consequently expected to disregard everything you have ever learned about fashion.   

4. Entertainment on the Mall — In a world where few things are guaranteed, I am thankful that I can always look to the UA Mall to provide some type of amusement. I could simply say “”Brother Jed”” and my point would be made, but I would feel terrible excluding last Tuesday’s choral performance by people dressed as Pilgrims.

5. Brutally honest friends — When everyone else is worried about hurting my feelings or embarrassing me, you keep me in check. Your tough love has prevented me from a number of poor life and fashion decisions. Even though I may not respond well to you telling me my favorite jacket is the ugliest thing since boots with the fur, I appreciate your honesty. Without you, I would likely be a hot mess.

6. Canceled class — Not even Chuck Bass finally telling Blair Waldorf he loves her sounds as good as “”no class tomorrow.”” OK, that was a lie, but you get my point. Even if it is in the middle of the day or between classes, a canceled class feels like the freedom our Founding Fathers described.

7.  UA Football — Thank you, boys and coaches, for bringing your game this year. Even though my love for the Wildcats is unconditional, I must admit attending a school with a ranked football team is better than the alternative. Infinitely better than being ranked, though, would be moving past our recent losses and finishing the season with some Ws.  

8. Theme parties — I live by the motto, “”No matter the question, costumes are always a good answer.”” If every day had a theme and I had to plan my outfits accordingly, I would be ecstatic. Thankfully, college provides us with countless opportunities to create outrageous costumes, rather than having to wait to be parents and force our children to dress in the costumes we never got to wear.

9. Trusty jeans — Keeping up with the demands of college life can take its toll on your body. Because of this, a dependable wardrobe staple should not be overlooked. I am grateful that through thick and thin (pun intended), I can always count on my jeans to fit well and look good.

10. My mom — I stopped counting the number of times I have called my mom this semester to tell her that, even though I didn’t fail out of college like I once thought I would, I am probably going to fail at finding a job after graduation, but I would estimate it is upwards of 20 times. Instead of saying I’m crazy if I think she is going to let her money go to waste like that (which is the obvious reaction), or that I should have considered the job market before choosing to study communication and religious studies, she remains supportive. So thank you, Mom, for helping me keep my sanity and believing in me. Even if I am working at McDonalds, I will find a way to take care of you when you’re old.


— Mallory Hawkins is communication major. She can be reached at

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