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Letters from Mallory Hawkins

Can you believe it has only been two months since you were last on campus helping me move? It seems like just yesterday. Between my late night studying and weekend socials, I have secretly been counting down the days until your arrival. As much fun as I have been having on my own (I know you know what I am talking about because you comment on each of my Facebook photos), I am ready for some quality parental time.

Please recognize the effort I have put into making my dorm/apartment resemble a livable space for two people. Let’s just say prior to your visit, that wasn’t the case. Don’t worry, I don’t have cockroaches or mice, and even if I did, I have a landlord to take care of it.

Because I know you’re wondering — the empty bottles you see on display were not consumed in or around our house. My roommate and I came upon the empty bottles and decided they were exactly the decor our kitchen was missing.

While the décor isn’t exactly lacking, everything else in the kitchen is. It’s probably better that we go out to dinner, not only because I do not have a stocked fridge but also because I do not have any decent pots and pans. It is better to just cut our losses and order in or go out.

Since we are on the topic of the kitchen, I should clue you in to the 18-pack in the fridge. It isn’t mine; I am not even 21 and therefore do not drink. I just had a friend pick it up so Dad would be more comfortable on his visit. If he doesn’t finish it, though, he can just leave it. I’ll find a way to get rid of it.

I cannot wait for you to meet my friends. You are going to love them, and they already love you based on everything I have told them. In case anyone asks, Dad, you still hold the record for longest keg stand in your fraternity. No pressure; aside from Reba, you win the coolest UA parent award. Just be yourself and leave the baby stories at home.

One thing that makes you a cool parent is that you recognize my need for a break from academics on this weekend. So you will be so consumed with spoiling me and spending time with me that nagging me won’t even cross your mind, right? You haven’t received any letters from my professors or the dean, so consider my academics under control.

This weekend, I don’t care about your alma mater. You are in Wildcat territory, so you are an Arizona Wildcat. Be ready to scream “”Bear down”” until it hurts to even whisper.

Although the family is together for the first time since the summer, please refrain from announcing any life-changing news such as divorce, unexpected pregnancy or moving closer because you miss me. Please have the decency to announce something like that over the holidays, when I can eat my feelings and then escape back to school.  

Even without any dramatic announcements, we will be ready to part ways by weekend’s end. Two days are the perfect amount of time to appease my homesickness and for you to remember why you sent me to college in the first place. Thank you in advance for a wonderful weekend. Let the Thanksgiving countdown begin!


Your Arizona Wildcat,


Mallory Hawkins is a communication senior.

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