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Let’s talk sports

Sports are all around us. Turn on the television and you’ll find a game almost immediately. Turn on the radio and you’ll be sure to hear some loudmouth campaigning for a coach to be fired or a player to be benched. Open up a newspaper and be prepared to find anything from stats to player profiles.

Open up the Arizona Daily Wildcat and expect to find anything and everything you could possibly want to know about Arizona sports.

I’ll be honest with you: I love sports. I realize that there are varying degrees of fandom — and that’s OK ­— but, if given a choice, I would rather pick Derek Jeter’s brain at a McDonald’s in the seediest part of the Bronx, N.Y., than have a successful night out at a five-star restaurant with the girl of my dreams.

Whether or not you feel the same way — and I hope for your sake you don’t — you can count on the Daily Wildcat sports page to fill in the smallest Arizona athletics detail.

Take, for example, the recent change in appearance in Nick Foles. Take a deep breath, ladies, he didn’t cut his hair. But he did finally upgrade his facemask out of the early 1990s.

Why does that matter? It doesn’t. Having a three-bar facemask instead of a two-bar won’t help him decipher a coverage or throw a 20-yard out-route on a 3rd-and-18, but the subtle change in game day attire speaks to the depth of competitive athletics.

Sports is a lifestyle. There are fans of players, fans of teams, fans of fundamentals, fans of uniforms, and fans of teams’ colors.

There are fans that go to games and fill out scorecards, fans that go to games as a social event, fans that go to games to experience the architecture of a stadium and fans that go to games because they arefertile people-watching grounds.

The Arizona Daily Wildcat caters to all fans.

So while Arizona baseball head coach Andy Lopez preaches the need to constantly compete to his players, the sports desk at the Daily Wildcat will work to be as creative as Don Draper.

While Arizona softball head coach Mike Candrea teaches his outfielders how to call-off one another on fly balls, we’ll do what we can to be as funny and witty as Michael Bluth.

And while Kyle Fogg comfortably rests at the free-throw line with ice in his veins, we will be as diligent as Dwight Schrute.

So, go to the games. Cheer for your favorite teams — even if it isn’t Arizona. Scream in disbelief at a call a referee made. Then pick up the Daily Wildcat and see what we have to say about the game — and, if you’re so inclined, hop onto and comment.

You, the fans, are what make sports great. So let’s talk sports.

—Tim Kosch is a journalism senior and can be contacted at

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