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I don’t know why I love this job, but I do

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what to say in this column. I could write about the role of a student newspaper or overcoming hardships of being an editor or what a long, strange trip it’s been. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Those things are important to acknowledge; I’m not discrediting that. But it’s not where the story is. The best part about working at a student newspaper is the passion in the people who work here every day.

Three years of being in the same newsroom day-in and day-out should make anyone want to admit themselves into a mental hospital. You’re sleep deprived, on the “Chipotle-only” diet, not even getting paid enough to buy guacamole and ignoring studies for as long as humanly possible. So why do we do this to ourselves?

Because we absolutely love it.

I started at the Daily Wildcat as a page designer when I was little, doe-eyed sophomore. I had no goals, no career path and no fucking idea what I was doing. I only worked three days a week for about three hours a day, but it was something I immediately knew I loved. The next semester, I became the design chief and worked five days a week for about 10 hours a day. Though my workload increased, I still went home every night and researched designs to help improve the Wildcat visually. Last semester, as editor-in-chief, I ate, slept and breathed the Wildcat.

Year after year working here, it became easier to gage who just did their job and who actually gave a shit. I was always passionate about the work I did, and it was great to know I was never alone.

In the last few weeks of nightly production, many of us have talked about the Wildcat and the future of the newspaper. While listening to these conversations, it struck me how emotional and heated my coworkers would get — and for what? Ten pieces of paper?

Whether they love the friendships they made or believe in the power of the media, the employees of the Wildcat work diligently to make the best product they can for our community.

Though the paper does strive for accuracy, we all make mistakes. The whole point of a student newspaper is that it is a learning experience. We have all made mistakes together, but we have all learned from them together.

Whenever a phase of my life is ending, I never feel remorse. Throughout my life, I was always ready for the next step — except in this case. The last month of working here has felt like being trapped in a “glass case of emotion.” And it’s all because of the people here: their dedication, humor, passion and rambunctious nature.

Nothing I can say will ever truly paint a picture of how dedicated this group of people are — especially because I’m a designer and can’t word good — but the passion I have encountered and the people I have met throughout years, friends or enemies, have taught me so much.

So, this is my public love letter to all the astonishing people I have met through the Wildcat. As co-workers, employees and above all as friends, I thank you for working so hard and making this paper an unforgettable experience. I don’t know where I would be, what I would be or who I would be without you. 


— Joey Fisher was Fall 2014 Daily Wildcat Editor-in-Chief 

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