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Soundbites: Nov. 3

CatMail option is on

Not everyone responds well to change, so I can understand why some people wouldn’t opt into CatMail, the new Google-operated, campus e-mail system. “”It’s not snap-your-fingers instantaneous,”” said Julie Suess, information technology project manager with University Information Technology Services, of a possible time delay of stored messages moving to the new e-mail system.

WebMail was notably slow and unreliable yesterday, and if this was a result of the e-mail change, students and staff may not be so enthusiastic about CatMail.

Even so, CatMail seems like it will help students more than burden them with transfer complications. Student university e-mail accounts will remain as username with the addition of Google benefits, which include over seven GB of storage space, an educational contract, which means no ads and full privacy protection for content and more. I’m all for technological advancements, especially when they can make our lives easier in an important way. Here’s to hoping the CatMail change will be a success, and I expect it will be.

Taco Bell ad all over Tucson unappetizing

In recent weeks, Taco Bell has advertized an unappealing looking breakfast menu. The flyer has been in the Wildcat more than once this semester, and it’s done nothing but make me feel sick to my stomach and thankful that I don’t have to resort to Taco Bell for my morning snack.

The most recent ad has two pictures of highly repulsive looking burrito wraps. The first is the Classic Breakfast Burrito at the cost of 89 cents. With all due respect to those on a tight budget, an 89 cent burrito is probably a detrimental purchase that could end in vomiting and dry-heaving sessions. Who needs to be sick from something like that when the swine flu and cold season are currently a potent, disastrous duo?

The ad is wise to also mention the Seattle’s Best Coffee and Cinnabon treats that come free with any breakfast menu purchase. Cinnabon is famous for selling tasty sweets, but the donut-tot photograph in this flyer looks pretty disgusting. The circular tot has white visceral goo dripping out of it, and the visual leads me to think of other, non-food related things. Let’s hope the coffee is at least good.

An equally unappetizing image is the Jimmy Dean Morning Wrap, which is, get this, free with any breakfast menu purchase. The bread in the picture looks burned, the cheese above the eggs are melted, and the meat is shining with grease. This may taste good for a few minutes, but the after effects can be troubling. Remember the scene in “”Super Size Me”” where the main character eats a lot of fast food, indulges in the temporary good taste and then pukes? I can predict the same thing happening to most healthy eaters who come across this wrap and breakfast menu.

Once again, I sympathize with anyone who cannot afford anything other than a breakfast at this cost, but I’d hope these individuals would do their best to maintain a healthier diet. Go to a church or shelter, and with the holiday season coming up, there should be an influx of food drives all over Tucson and other cities. For everyone else who can spend the extra dollar on breakfast, don’t go to Taco Bell for your first meal of the day. After all, they don’t mind publicizing repulsive looking meals.

— Laura Donovan is the opinions editor.

She can be reached at

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