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    Back-to-school guide: How to find the right video game for your gaming personality

    There are currently thousands of video games, and more are added every year. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try and sift through all the titles to find one you’ll enjoy.  Making it even harder is the fact that there are countless different types of gamers who all prefer certain types of games over others. So, how can you avoid wasting your money by buying a game you might not like? That’s simple. Just take a look at this back-to-school guide for all of your essential gaming information, find which category fits you and head to your local gamestore.

    New Gamer

    Though some people can’t believe it, you’ve never played a video game in your life. Maybe you’ve watched your friends on occasion, but it was just never something you were interested in. But now that’s changed. You think it’s about time you give gaming a shot, at least to see if it’s worth all the hype. There’s only one problem: You don’t know where to start. Not only do you have no idea what games you might like, you don’t even know all the genres. This is a problem, but one that is easily fixed.

    There are classics in every category, and if you’re really interested in getting started, it’s worth trying them all out at some point. Most of these games are old, but, if anything, that just means getting them will be cheaper.

    To start, try the “”Halo”” series. Any of them will do as a test for the first-person shooter genre, and you’ll probably fall in love. With an epic story and an iconic hero, you really can’t go wrong.

    Next you’ll want to try the Legend of Zelda series and probably start with the “”Ocarina of Time.”” It’s a classic and possibly the most acclaimed game in the long-lived franchise. If you like this one, feel free to try other adventure games.

    Though it may seem like it’s for kids, I still swear by “”Pokémon,”” especially for new gamers. It’s a fun and easy strategy game that has as much depth as you want. You can play through it without doing much but fighting, or you can partake in every side feature. When you’re done, try another, more complex strategy game  for a better sense of fulfillment and maturity.

    Then there’s the king of kings, “”Final Fantasy VII.”” It was voted “”Best Game of All Time”” on countless polls and is one of the most cherished role playing games. It might take some getting used to, but soon you’ll fall in love with Cloud, Sephiroth and the gameplay itself. After that, the doors to RPG heaven open up and greet you with hundreds of other great titles to choose from.

    If that game proves to be a bit too complex for you, try “”Assassin’s Creed.”” The second one is better than the first, but either is a great way to learn about the action-adventure genre. It lets you skulk about and assassinate helpless targets in myriad ways that are all fun. What’s even better is that the story is Dan Brown-esque and will hook anyone who happens to enjoy those types of stories.

    Not to be forgotten is the sports genre, the one that probably pulls the most male players consistently. Obviously there are a large handful of sports to pick from, but the undisputed champion of the sporting arena is the “”Madden”” series. Try some of the more recent ones for an easier time, but any of them will be fun for anyone — from fair-weather to fervent football fans. From there, branch out to your favorite sports. The “”2K”” series is one you can always count on and has games in nearly every sport.

    Party Gamer

    You’re the kind of person who only plays socially. If you’re having a party, or just some friends over, you’re glad to bust out a game for everyone to play. You don’t really play for yourself; you play to be with others. Multiplayer is your best friend; others won’t find their way into your library. Perhaps you’re competitive and enjoy beating your friends, or maybe you just like to show off in front of everyone. Either way, there is a small but stacked sliver of games dedicated just to you.

    Though new games meant mostly for multiplayer don’t come out as often as some other kinds, there are still plenty you’ll want. First and foremost, “”Rock Band”” will be your new best friend. When you can’t actually play an instrument yourself, this is the next best option. Once you’re on expert, you’re halfway to almost impressing someone with how fast you can hammer-on a five button guitar solo. You’ll also be able to form a real-fake band with your friends and play private gigs where your audience consists of your pets, your roommates, or no one.

    Alright, so that makes the game sound pretty lame, but “”Rock Band 3″” will offer much more than the faux feeling of fame mentioned before. When it’s released on Oct. 26, you’ll be able to plug in a real electric guitar, bass or keyboard and learn to actually play the instrument like players had always hoped. Musically-challenged nerds around the world will suddenly be transformed into guitar-wielding Casanovas who finally have a skill no girl could fail to appreciate. Even if that’s not your goal in the end, it’s still amazing and should be a blast.

    Don’t worry if music isn’t your scene, though. There are two more series — both with Mario’s face slapped on them — that can always turn a tight knit group of friends into vicious animals desperate to win no matter the cost. These games are, of course, “”Mario Party”” and “”Super Smash Bros.”” The originals are always the best, but the newer ones are good fun, too. No matter which you pick, these will whip you into a frenzy and provide some competitive fun.


    Casul Gamer

    You’re the kind of person who doesn’t play video games more than a few times a week. You prefer to play games that get to the fun part quickly. While an occasional challenge is welcome, you just want to run through hundreds of enemies,  looking like a badass. That, or get your character to the strongest point as fast as possible to see all the cool end-game material.

    If this description fits, you’re going to want to stick to your first-person shooters, fighters and hack ‘n’ slash games. Games like “”Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”” or “”Medal of Honor”” are perfect for you. On the one hand, you can play through the campaign and mow down hundreds of enemies while getting to enjoy an action packed — though not particularly creative — story. When you’re done there, you can always move onto the online multiplayer and hone your skills. You might enjoy it so much that you upgrade to hardcore gamer status. Your social life may suffer, but no one else gets head shots like you.

    Another option for the casual gamer is an adventure game like “”Prototype,”” which, while not as popular as some titles, allows the player to rip through the streets of New York as a man-turned-genetic-monster who wants revenge for what was done to him. Both games are easy to pick up and put down, but if they don’t suit your needs, worry not! There are always new games coming out to satisfy every gamer’s needs.

    “”The Sims 3,”” due to drop on Oct. 26 for all systems, will let you manipulate multiple virtual lives as if they were the real thing. So, if you like to have control or merely want to live out your fantasy life, this would be a great game for you.

    Going through everyday life sound boring for a video game? Well then, you may want to consider “”Bulletstorm”” when it comes out in February. In it, you’ll be able to perform more ridiculous and awesome kills than in any game of its kind. Whether you want to kick mutants’ faces in or blow them up with massive guns, this game is for you because both can be done at the same time.

    You’re still not excited? Think about this then: Marvel’s Captain America punching Ryu from “”Street Fighter”” in the face. Ryu then responds with a Had-ken, and Wolverine steps in to block it. At that point Dante from the “”Devil May Cry”” series pile drives his huge sword into the “”X-men”” hero. This is not a fan-boy’s dream. It’s a gamer’s reality. When “”Marvel vs. Capcom 3″” is released in early 2011 you’ll be able to bash your favorite characters from both the Marvel and the Capcom franchises non-stop. And if that isn’t enough, the lineup is even more diverse than those four characters make it appear.

    Hardcore Gamer

    You’re more than willing to spend hours in front of a TV playing the newest game you can find. It’s not all you do, of course, but you’re more than happy to pass the time that way when you can. You like a game with depth and complexity. You’ve played so many games that anything unoriginal or simple will just seem dull. Everything you play is held to such a high standard because your longstanding gaming history has made you somewhat of a critic. You may have a niche or genre you prefer, but in the end you have favorites in every category. For you, video games are an art to be admired, just like a beautiful painting or a fine wine. Aged or new, you appreciate all the time and quality that went into making each game you play.

    As mentioned, you play it all. In all honesty, you probably already wanted every game on this list, plus more. If by now you’ve also noticed that two particular genres are missing from those mentioned so far, you’re definitely hardcore; good job. The reason is because they’re a type of game only you have the patience and capacity for. Whereas most players get bored, you devour RPGs in their entirety, never stopping until you unlock everything and defeat all the hidden bosses. In addition to that, only you have the patience to spend the weeks of practice necessary to develop a winning strategy for a real time strategy game.

    Two prime examples you probably already have are “”Mass Effect 2″” and “”Starcraft 2,”” two highly anticipated sequels that are big contenders for best game of the year. If you have yet to buy and beat them, get to the game store now. “”Mass Effect 2″” is a must-have whether you played the first or not simply because of the gripping story and exciting game play. Mixing action with RPG has proved to be a potent combination.

    “”Starcraft 2″” should need no introduction, but for those aspiring hardcore gamers, here it is: For 12 years, gamers have waited for Blizzard to finish the next installation of the series so popular that it’s one of the highest-paying sports jobs in Korea. It’s finally out, and it is everything one could have hoped for. It gives the game and story the update it needed without changing the essence that made it so enjoyable. Most of the time, when a developer releases a sequel that’s too much like the original, it’s a disaster. “”Starcraft 2″” avoids this mistake; it’s just what we all wanted.

    As far as what to look for in the future, there are too many goodies to list them all, but there are a select few that all are right up your alley. If you need a good RPG, just wait for “”Fable III”” or “”Fallout: New Vegas,”” two very different but very awesome franchises that won’t disappoint. Want action-adventure? You should pick up either “”Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood,”” “”inFamous 2″” or “”Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.”” All are sequels but will be better than the games they followed. If all that isn’t enough for you, you’ll want a game that is a mix of all those games and more. “”Deus Ex: Human Revolution”” is actually a prequel to the series that was popular back in the early 2000s. In it, you can sneak, shoot, talk or hack your way through every mission in a cyberpunk near-future. You’ll want to be first in line at the midnight release.

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