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    In response to “AZ bill to block federal gun enforcement just another extremist tantrum” (by the Daily Wildcat Editorial Board, Jan. 28):

    Well, Alexander Hamilton was also one of the Founding Fathers who wanted to make George Washington a king, so what else would you expect from him?

    How about Jefferson, who wrote in the famous 1799 Kentucky Resolution that when the federal government abuses its power, that the state has … “the unquestionable right to judge of its infraction; and that a nullification, by those sovereignties, of all unauthorized acts done under colour of that instrument, is the rightful remedy.”

    If the Wildcat wanted to have an intelligent discussion about federalism and states rights, they could have included multiple sides of this very historical debate. Instead, you throw around lazy epithets like “stupid”, “idiot”, “temper tantrum”, “political extremist acting like a dumb kid.” So I guess Thomas Jefferson was an idiotic, dumb kid?

    The left has used the media publicity of the Sandy Hook tragedy to attack the Second Amendment rights of law abiding, peaceful citizens (which was, of course, their goal well before Sandy Hook). I suppose those under attack are just supposed to shut up and not use their political representatives to defend their rights?
    — pfffft

    This is about protecting our rights to own firearms. When NATO kicks in your door and takes your wealth and anything thay want you will wish you stood up and defended your self. Martial law is emminent, war is coming, defend yourself!

    — G Diaz

    Guessing you feel the same way about our medical marijuana laws then, right? Federal law trumps, so those are unconstitutional.

    — Joe

    Maricopa County never runs out of ways to embarrass this state.

    — Javi

    In response to “Male birth control could be worth the pain” (by David Weissman, Jan. 25)

    David Weissman talks about a method of male birth control that injects gel into the vas deferens, which, he says, “is near the testicles, for those who haven’t taken a health class in a while.” David is a journalism major who evidently hasn’t taken health in a while, because he later talks about men’s “unease of having something injected into their penis.” This is a careless reference, because the injection is done at the base of the scrotum, that sac that surrounds the “cojones.” My scrotum may be close to my penis, but believe me I can tell the difference, and I’m sure David can, too.

    — Alan Rasmussen

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