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    UA students share their freaky paranormal encounters

    The paranormal seems to become more and more normal as Halloween quickly approaches. Some people choose to stay away from its spooky aspects, others chase after it and some are haunted by spirits themselves. For two UA students, the latter is reality. They’ve encountered ghosts—paranormal experiences they will never forget.

    Alexis Romero, a speech, language and hearing sciences junior, has an aunt who is a spirit magnet. Her story raises the question: who’s there when no one’s looking?

    “So one of my tias has always attracted spirits and she has had a few that have followed her around over the years. My freshman year in high school, we were having a party at her house. One of our family friends came in the house kind of angry. She said that she saw a couple dressed [in] like old fashion western clothes walk in before her, but that she waited for a long time for someone to let her in. She said that the couple slammed the door in her face, even though she yelled at them to wait for her. Everyone at the party got really quiet and my tia told her that no one had come in before her. They all got super scared and my tia just starts laughing. All she did was go to her front door, opened it and asked the couple to please leave, that they weren’t invited. Nothing happened after that, but [it] made everyone feel better.”

    Cesar Manjarrez, a music education junior, has also experienced the paranormal. His little sister was best friends with a spirit.

    “About eight years ago, my sister was only five years old. My mom and I discovered my sister built an imaginary friend, a girl she named Ana. Ana and my sister would play together only at night, according to my sister when we asked her questions about her new friend. One night, I woke up around 2 a.m., to find a girl in a white gown dancing peacefully around my room. I remember smiling at her and she smiled back. I didn’t think much of it. After a while, things began to get strange. I noticed my sister began to ask Ana to let her sleep at night. When I confronted my mother about my sister’s sleeping problem, she said she heard the same thing. When we asked my sister why Ana was here, my sister said, [the] literal words: ‘Ana is looking for her mom.’ Chills went down my mother and [my] spines. She also mentioned how Ana often got upset because my mom didn’t leave enough space in the car. My mom knew what to do: she bought sage and cleansed the house, asking for any spirits to leave. We never saw Ana again, until [2012]. In 2012, my mother shared that she often had horrific dreams, waking herself up screaming or crying. Since I at the time practiced self-hypnosis and at-will [sleep] paralysis, I decided to take it into my own hands. When I fell into a deep sleep, I opened my eyes, while sleep paralysis was going on, and found Ana yelling curse words at my mom’s bedroom. I got very upset and cursed at her back, threatening her to get out of my house. Any sight of spirits have been completely absent since then.”

    Maybe Zak and Nick from “Ghost Adventures” are drama queens, but sometimes the paranormal really can be reality. Watch out.

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