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    Free food easily found on campus

    UA students ravage the tables of free sub sandwiches during the Homecoming celebration before kickoff at the UA vs. USC football game on Oct. 25.
    UA students ravage the tables of free sub sandwiches during the Homecoming celebration before kickoff at the UA vs. USC football game on Oct. 25.

    The semester’s almost over, and some students may be scrounging for food more often than they did at the beginning of the semester. With empty wallets and hungry bellies, a trio of WILDlife writers set out on a food race to see who could score the most free food on campus in one week. The competition was stiffððð- mostly between Amanda and Marisa- and the stakes were high, but the results were tasty and easy for any student to achieve.

    When living on campus, the easiest way to get free food is from the plentiful community events on campus. For example, by attending a free movie event sponsored by the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, I received two free pieces of chocolate cake with moist chocolate frosting, six carrot sticks accompanied by a spoonful of ranch dressing and five crackers.

    Also, exploit all opportunities offered by your place of residence. The lovely resident assistants of Apache-Santa Cruz cooked a Thanksgiving meal for residents. For this on-the-dorm feast, I received a serving of turkey, a large helping of mashed potatoes, a miniscule-by-choice spoonful of vegetables, two dinner rolls, a helping of casserole and a piece of pie.

    Finally, the Associated Students of the University of Arizona is great at providing for students. Before Saturday’s football game, ASUA offered a free tailgate where they provided food for students who dropped by the sponsored tent. I received a complimentary hot dog and drink.

    Although not offered by a UA program, tailgates are excellent sources of gratis provisions. Many people cook extra food and have leftovers at the end. Just roam around, help with a little bit of cleanup and maybe you’ll have a hamburger thrown your way.

    -Amanda Seely

    Wednesday: Ponder, as my stomach growls, just how I’m going to manage mooching effectively enough to keep up while working an off-campus job from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Make a loud, obvious comment to my roommate-coworker, junior Katy Rullman, about the dire condition of our empty refrigerator. Receive invitation to dinner at another coworker’s house. Mooch managed: Servings of salad, spaghetti marinara, garlic cheese bread and a generous glass of red wine.

    Thursday: Discover that customers emerging from the 7-11 on Park and Speedway are not pleased with comments like, “”I found this great new way to lose weight … it’s called, ‘you-give-me-what-you-bought-and-then-you-won’t-eat-it.’ “” Return to class at the end of a 15-minute break empty-handed and feeling like a milk-money-monger. Evening proves more fruitful. The promised “”refreshments provided”” at the Bachelor of Fine Arts student showcase reception at the Lionel Rombach Gallery were varied and eaten voraciously; the platters were pretty picked over when I arrived. Mooch managed: Plateful of fresh fruit slices, cup of sparkling cider.

    Friday: Mooch mission failed. Extended work hours, wallet wins.

    Saturday: Back in the game on game day. Tailgate gatherings galore. I’m not in Wildcat wear, but when I show up looking a little lost and feigning familiarity and friendly football-talk with 5-year-olds, the freebies follow. Mooch managed: Chicken wings from multiple motherly types, and more lukewarm beer than anyone should ever come in contact with, costly or not.

    -Marisa D. Fisher

    Ah, the days of youth when I had all the time in the world to scheme and plan my next meal. I remember those days as a freshman – wandering around the Union like a starved animal and pouncing on any opportunity to grab a free bite. But as a senior about to graduate in a matter of weeks, my priorities revolve around frantically trying to meet my next deadline and finishing my resume.

    My attempts at scoring freebies depend on the goodwill of my boss at my internship, who kindly offers unlimited cups of coffee and popcorn on a regular basis. I work a few miles from campus and it was a sad sight to find an invitation to an art opening on campus – with free grub ð- occurred during office hours.

    I knew my competition in this race would be better able to attend events on campus as I slaved away at my desk. It was my lucky day, however, when my boss offered to buy me lunch on Friday, and I eagerly devoured my soda and pizza with a newfound respect for people who understand the greatest gift to a college student – aside from money – is food.

    My spirits were lifted again when my friend bought me dinner that night at IHOP. Sure, my attitude toward the competition might have been a little apathetic, but I did not have to beg or sweet-talk my way into scoring a free meal. But now I know that when I apply for a job after graduation, I will pay close attention to what my future employer will offer in terms of benefits – specifically food.

    -Kelly Miller

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