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    Campus Guide: What to do with your newfound freshman crush

    Rebecca Marie Sasnett
    Rebecca Marie Sasnett/ Arizona Daily Wildcat Carlos Caballero, freshman accounting student, and Nichole Contreras, freshman elementry aeducation student, lay in the shade on the grass between classes, Monday, Sept. 16, 2013.

    Editor’s note: This article is part of the Arizona Summer Wildcat’s 2014 Campus Guide. The Campus Guide is a special issue that runs every year to help introduce incoming students to the UA and campus life.

    Congratulations! You actually worked up the courage, spoke to that special someone and they agreed to go on a date with you. You have no idea how proud I am. But your hard work isn’t over yet; now you have to actually plan a date. Even if you found your crush on Tinder, they deserve a good night out, right? So where do you go? What do you do? Why are you sweating? Relax, I’ve got this. Here are some pre-planned dating ideas to have up your sleeve when the school year hits and your creative juices have evaporated in the Tucson heat.

    The First Date:
    Ah, the unpredictable first date. Statistically speaking, the chances of you two hitting it off is pretty rare. Try not to think about that and focus on the date. But if you barely even know this person, how are you supposed to know what activities they’ll enjoy?

    I suggest a shotgun approach to planning rather than trying to be precise or niche. Pick some activities that are universally liked such as seeing a movie or playing mini golf. Sometimes being different and planning unique dates is difficult. Grabbing dinner and a movie is cliché for a reason: It’s hard to screw up.
    However, Tucson has great things to do for that initial hang out.

    The Rialto Theatre is walking (and streetcar) distance from campus and has a plethora of great shows scheduled all year round that you can check out. If you have the means, going up to Mount Lemmon is a perfect way to escape with your new boo and check out a great view. For food, you can keep it casual and go someplace on University Boulevard. Grab a slice of pizza at No Anchovies and people-watch from the metal tables out front. After all, there’s no better way to bond than by judging others together.

    Help me, I’m poor:
    Are you that person who eats ramen every day and doesn’t have a car? No worries — there’s plenty to do that’s nearby and you can leave your wallets at home. Take a stroll to the turtle pond on the west side of campus. Unless either of you has an irrational phobia of adorable, shelled reptiles, you’ll have a good time and it won’t cost you a thing. Next, go up to the top of Main Gate Garage and check out a beautiful desert sunset free of charge.

    After that, you two can head to Gallagher Theater in the Student Union Memorial Center and see a free movie. I lied about not taking your wallet; you’ll need your CatCard for this one. But unless you want popcorn or Pinkberry, those few, lonely dollars in your bank account can rest easy for a little bit longer. End the night with another great view by climbing to the top of the Henry Koffler building. Atop the spiral staircase on the southwest corner of the building is a door-sized gate. Hop it (carefully) and boom: You’re on the roof. It might not be the most legal thing ever but it sure won’t cost you anything. Just watch your step and don’t get caught.

    Oh you fancy, huh?
    Maybe you worked three jobs over the summer or have access to your parents’ credit card and can somehow afford to drop a little cash on your next outing. Lucky you. There’s no shortage of great eateries all around Tucson you can bring your date to. Sushi Garden on Broadway Boulevard seems to be a local favorite, but if raw fish isn’t your thing, you can get some pristine pizza at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria or bodacious barbecue at BrushFire BBQ Co., both of which reside on Campbell Avenue. After dinner, take your date to see one of Arizona Repertory Theatre’s plays. It puts on three shows a semester, so mark your calendars and don’t miss out. What’s fancier than theater? Nothing.

    Except perhaps craft ice cream from the Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery in downtown Tucson. Some of the best ice cream you’ll ever eat and some incredibly unique flavors that cycle on and off the menu. Who needs good conversation or looks when you’re stuffing your faces with sushi and craft ice cream? I sure don’t.

    And there you have it, folks — three great blueprints for your next date no matter the circumstances. Now you can go back to having a heart attack once you realize you have no money, charm or deodorant. Happy hunting.

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