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    And the winner is…

    Best Picture



    No Country for Old Men

    There Will Be Blood

    I think the only reason “”No Country for Old Men”” won is that “”There Will Be Blood”” wasn’t palatable enough for American audiences. “”No Country”” was great, but in Oscar-land, guns and fancy haircuts always seem to win over subtlety.

    Andi Berlin, arts columnist

    I confess the only one of these I’ve seen is “”Juno,”” which was fine but not exactly the kind of “”picture”” that gets Best Picture. (Does anyone but the Oscars still refer to movies as “”pictures?””) They tend to give it to overproduced, overpriced white-elephant films like “”The Greatest Show on Earth”” and “”Ben-Hur”” and, more recently, every Clint Eastwood film ever made.

    Justyn Dillingham, arts editor

    I have to admit, I expected “”Atonement”” to win after all the hype that it got from the media. Plus, Keira Knightley was beautiful in it. The only other one I’ve seen besides that is “”Juno”” and like Justyn, I was surprised it was even considered.

    Allison Warren, assistant arts editor

    Best Actor

    George Clooney in “”Michael Clayton””

    Daniel Day-Lewis in “”There Will Be Blood””

    Johnny Depp in “”Sweeney Todd the Demon Barber of Fleet Street””

    Tommy Lee Jones in “”In the Valley of Elah””

    Viggo Mortenson in “”Eastern Promises””

    George Clooney in “”Michael Clayton.”” Haha, just kidding. Who has really seen that movie anyway? I would have voted for Day-Lewis, but Aragorn did look hot in that naked murder scene.

    Andi Berlin, arts columnist

    This is about the most “”actorly”” list of nominees ever. Clooney, Day-Lewis, Jones, Mortensen – with the exception of Depp, they’re all manly men to a ‘T.’ I say, let’s start nominating some twerps.

    Justyn Dillingham, arts editor

    It’s my own personal opinion that Johnny Depp is a genius, so obviously I was pulling for him. He was incredible in “”Sweeney Todd”” and definitely deserved the award.

    Allison Warren, assistant arts editor

    Best Actress

    Cate Blanchett in “”Elizabeth: The Golden Age””

    Julie Christie in “”Away from Her””

    Marion Cotillard in “”La Vie en Rose””

    Laura Linney in “”The Savages””

    Ellen Page in “”Juno””

    I haven’t seen any of these movies, but Cotillard deserved winning on the eyebrows alone.

    Andi Berlin, arts columnist

    Cate Blanchett was robbed – in both “”leading”” and “”supporting”” categories. Not least by being nominated for “”Elizabeth: The Golden Age”” instead of “”I’m Not There.”” (How is playing Bob Dylan in a Bob Dylan biopic a “”supporting role?””)

    Justyn Dillingham, arts editor

    I thought Ellen Page was great in “”Juno”” and part of me was pulling for her, especially since it seems like the nominees and winners in this category tend to be older. However, I have seen interviews with Marion Cotillard and I have to say, there is something enchanting about her.

    Allison Warren, assistant arts editor

    Best Documentary

    “”No End in Sight””

    “”Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience””


    “”Taxi to the Dark Side””


    I haven’t seen any of these, because I was too busy watching “”The New American Gladiators”” reruns. I vote for the second one, because it has a nice ring to it.

    Andi Berlin, arts columnist

    This category’s always a safe bet. I haven’t seen the winner, but “”No End in Sight”” was excellent, and “”Sicko”” was Michael Moore’s best film to date.

    Justyn Dillingham, arts editor

    While I don’t always agree with Michael Moore, I thought his film “”Sicko”” was very well done. I have a feeling it didn’t win because of its political fire.

    Allison Warren, assistant arts editor

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